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Zhaoxin reveals the KX-6000 CPU that matches Intel's I5-7400

While the attention is on the upcoming 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU from AMD, we came across something interesting from a company called Zhaoxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. KaiXian KX-6000 Series x86 processors exhibited during China Beijing International High-tech Expo 2019 is what we noticed, as it is believed to be capable of leveling with the 7th Gen-Intel Core i5 7400 even though it has a lower CPU clock speed at 3.0 GHz.

  Zhaoxin reveals the KX-6000 CPU that matches Intel's I5-7400 1

Although it's a bit limited in terms of specifications, so far we've managed to collect. Formerly known as the ZX-E series, the KX-6000 was first demonstrated in September 2018. The chip was reported to be built on a 16nm TSMC process with a DirectX 11.1 compatible integrated GPU (VIA's S3 graphics) with up to 8 cores that go up to 3.0GHz support DDR4-3200, PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1.

  Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor KaiXian KX-6000 KX-7000 series x86 processors [19659006] Although not fully flush with the latest generation CPU from Intel and AMD, Zhaoxin is a rising star that is definitely worth keeping track of. Other than the KX-6000 series scheduled for Q3 2019, the company is already working with a new KX-7000 that will match the performance of AMD's Zen 2. The KX-7000 will be built on the processor's 7nm node with a brand new CPU architecture with support for DDR5 memory and PCIe 4.0. </p>
<p>  It is still unknown if we will ever see a Zhaoxin CPU-driven gaming system in the near future, but we definitely look forward to seeing what the company is capable of – especially with the KX-7000 that supports DDR5 memory and PCIe 4.0 . </p><div>
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