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Young Recap: Season 6 Episode 1 – Josh Has a Baby? New interview

Based exclusively on Wednesday's premiere, the Sixth Season Younger takes place as the second law of Into the Woods . Everyone finally gets what they have always wanted – so why doesn't someone seem particularly happy?

Let's start with Liza, who is finally free to take his relationship with Charles publicly – something she should probably have shown to Diana privately before announcing her deal to the entire office.

"It hurt Diana on so many levels," says Miriam Shor TVLine. "Charles was the one no one ever really will get, so it was good. But then Liza got him, so it feels like a betrayal. Liza didn't tell her about it, nor Charles. should all be friends, but it was hidden from her. Let's just say that Diana doesn't like being held in the dark … if anything . "

Fortunately, Liza and Kelsey ̵

1; who find that the view from top not quite what she was expecting – could win Diana back with an impromptu karaoke performance of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5." (Click here for the full story.)

And while Charles seems to enjoy his newfound freedom (he and Liza finally switched L-word!), There is something very suspicious that he has private meetings with Zane.

"Charles gave up a significant portion of his identity when he left the company," reminds Peter Hermann. "You will find out how willing or unwilling he is to let that part of his identity go. People and relationships are complicated. … What he finally strives for and who he stops following will play out in the season.

 Younger season 6 In fact, the only character that seems genuine excited about their loss of life is Josh, as the premiere confirmed to be the father of Claire's born children – but that joy can only be Nico Tortorella's own child fever as coming through.

"I've had young children in my own life," Tortorella says. "The second we read the last scene from the end of season 5, was I," I get to work and keep a baby all day every day? "It's a dream come true! And I'm really good with the kids. Just put it out there. We have as eight or 10 different children, and I have a special relationship with each of them. It's the only one The time when sex really doesn't matter. We have boy children and girl children who play the same role. "

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