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You collect money to pay your mother’s rent, without prosecution outside the stranger outside Target: “Excuse me?”

A Tennessee musician says he will be able to cover his mother’s rent for over a month thanks to a generous donation from TikToker Lexy Kadey and her followers.

The young man, named Kevin, was standing outside a Nashville Target store playing the violin with a sign that read “Need to help my mom with rent, God bless,” on August 9 when he was contacted by Kadey.

“Hey, how close do you think you are to your mother’s rent?” Kadey, who has gathered over 657K followers on TikTok through his Venmo challenge, asks Kevin in the now viral clip.

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“My mother̵

7;s rent is $ 600 and I have $ 175,” he replies.

“So if I gave you $ 1,000, would that cover it?” Kadey says, to which the stunned musicians suddenly turn their heads.

“Excuse me?” he asks.

After explaining the premise of the Venmo Challenge – where Kadey asks her followers to Venmo her small sums change so she can leave massive tips for servers and others in need – musicians hand the musicians $ 1,000 in cash, leaving him lost for words.

“Can I please give you a hug?” he finally musters, as the two embrace. “This is not true. Thanks.”

Kadey’s video has since created an astonishing 6.4 million views and over 1.7 million likes, along with thousands of comments encouraging her to continue her good work.

“This was someone in great need,” wrote one user. “You are doing the work of the Lord, literally.”

“The fact that he shows off such an incredible talent to help his mother – who probably worked hard to help pay for his lesson … I CRUCK !!!!” said another.

“Wait, I love this so much. I want to do it once !!! Wrote an inspired viewer.

Kadey’s latest donation was part of her ninth round of community travel to fund the Venmo Challenge, where she raised a whopping $ 6,857.47 to distribute to those in need.

She first started the challenge in May, after seeing other TikTokers successfully use the platform to raise funds for things like plastic surgery and new cars. Instead of keeping the money, however, the filmmaker said she wanted to “change it up a bit” and use the challenge to do something good for others.

Since then, she has filmed over 32 videos of herself changing people’s lives through the generosity of the TikTok community.

Go to her profile to learn how to contribute.

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