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You can now sign up for Minecraft Earth beta on Android

Microsoft first launched its Minecraft Earth beta for compatible iOS devices last month, and now it is on its way to Android. The software manufacturer accepts registrations for the Android version, and you need an augmented reality (AR capable) handset running Android 7 or higher. Of course, the more modern and powerful your phone is, the better this AR game will run.

Minecraft Earth is a new AR game similar to Pokémon Go . Microsoft has spent months building the new game with its Mojang development studio. Players will be able to collect materials and build giant Minecraft structures with friends. Microsoft's goal is to cover the world in Minecraft blocks.

The beta game is pretty limited right now for gathering resources and crafts, but Microsoft plans to add adventure modes where you can interact with other players in designated Minecraft areas. You can use building boards to sit a Minecraft build on a table and build something with friends or family. Any material that someone else uses on your own plate will then be part of your building, so it's a collaborative effort to create giant structures that can then be viewed through a phone's camera.

Microsoft is only testing the basics right now before the game expands. If you are interested in playing on Android you can register on the Minecraft Earth beta site. It should be available on devices next week .

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