Living the photos you took on your phone has become quite easy with the advent of dedicated cloud photo storage – for example, Google Photos, which helps you get albums out to your friends and relatives in just a few days. But what happens if you want a faster solution? Something that doesn't involve optical scanning on the phone screen? Well, CVS and Kodak have made it possible to get same-day Google Photos prints at over 7400 stores.

Google is now participating in Kodak Moments Print's partner API program that makes photo users' photos printable on machines available in about three-quarters of CVS sites. Customers will be able to order prints through Google Photos and schedule retrieval ̵

1; again, within the same day – at a participating CVS store.

The new service is rolling out right now and should reach most areas in October.

Kodak Moments Technology enables printing to CVS pharmacy from Google Photos

Offers Consumers Same Day Pickup of High Quality Photo Prints

From Over 7,400 CVS Pharmacy Stores [19459]


Kodak Moments, a leading global provider of photo products and services to retailers, consumers and entertainment properties, today announced that its technology supports Google Photos' new push to store the experience for CVS Pharmacy sites in the US Consumers can order high-quality prints directly from the Google Photos app for the same day downloaded from CVS Pharmacy stores. Google has made this service available through participation in Kodak Moments Print's partner API program.

Launched in 2015, Google Photos acts as a home for photos and videos and helps people store, organize, and share their photo and video libraries. Available through iOS or Android as well as through Google Photos on the web, Google worked with CVS Pharmacy and Kodak Moments to give customers the opportunity to print photos for the same day pickup in the US, powered by Kodak Moments's large global retail network and enhanced software technology.

"With a majority of US consumers currently printing photos and over a third of those planning to print more in the future, making printouts a reality for Google Photo users for download in CVS stores across the world the country is a natural next step, "said Nicki Zongrone, president of Kodak Moments. "The Google Photos app is about ease and convenience, which are the same benefits that we focus on from a print perspective with our retailers."

A leader in retail photo space, Kodak Moment's partnership with CVS Pharmacy provides Google Photos users with more than 7400 print locations.

The ability to order prints from Google Photos for download at a nearby CVS pharmacy will roll out across the United States and will be widely available in October 2019.