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Yankee's early April sorrow gives glorious May joy

Remember back to the beginning of the season when Yankees played .500 ball, and many fans were ready to hit the panic even though there are 162 games to play for six months?

Of course, you will remember. Since the Yankees were last 500 on April 20, the team has won 10 of its last 11 games.

They have received teams that are expected to compete for a playoff this fall and the run is not completely over, despite a close loss on Monday and an exciting victory on Tuesday night to the defending World Series champion Houston Astros.

It has been all the fans had expected from a powerful lineup (outscoring opponents 65-20), a steady start rotation and deadly bullpen.

Despite the early battle of Bombers, this is a quick and refreshing recovery for a squad to prove last year's success of falling a profit that was short to appear in the franchise's 41

st world series was no fluke.

Yankeo should remain competitive with Astros, with Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka expected to close

As emphasized by Yaakov Grunsfeld here at Yanks Go Yard, health and increase is the main need to prove that the team has twisted the tide and is ready to play with the big boys in the schoolyard.

It is good that Yankees have C.C. Sabathia begins the series against Cleveland before joining the two biggest question marks in rotation with Sonny Gray and Jordan Montgomery. Monty was forced from Tuesday's competition with left elbow stiffness and is now doubtful for his next start.

It will also help when Giancarlo Stanton and Brett Gardener like to attend Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge and now Gary Sanchez – to make the match to his offseason praise for killer Row 2.0.

However, the biggest obstacle will be Red Sox, a team that started the season 18-2 and had taken two out of three against New York in the first April series. The sox has then cooled down and left the AL East race dramatically closed.

It's hard to say it's a must-win series so early in the new campaign, but this is the closest it will be to this point of the season. It's one thing to be good at big teams in the league, but to show it against a good team within the division and having a chance to get traction in the positions is crucial.

If there is a chance for a first place shot in the division, it is so close to a crucial series as you will see in May.

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