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Xbox Live is down, no return schedule

Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues affecting login and multiplayer titles in Windows 10 and Xbox One. It doesn’t seem like there is a fix yet, but Microsoft is working to make things work smoothly again.

The Xbox Status support page currently shows problems for Xbox Live Core Services as well as Social and Gaming. Players can experience problems trying to join friends already in online games, as well as log in or create new accounts. Some of these issues only affect the Xbox One and the Xbox platform on Windows, while others also affect the Xbox site and Xbox 360.

Microsoft has experienced some other issues with Xbox Live in recent days, including error messages when launching parties and online match issues. Its Twitter support page regularly publishes updates on any interruptions or other issues.

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7;t come at the best of times, as Minecraft Dungeons will be released in just a few days and features heavy multiplayer integration. However, the game is also available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and if the power outage extends to the game’s release date, these platforms should have no problems connecting online.

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