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Xbox Live Down on Xbox One and PC [Update]

Do you have questions about logging in to Xbox Live right now? It's not just you. Microsoft has confirmed that the service is down and suffering from problems right now and often produces the error code 0x87DD0006. This may mean that you cannot get online or play games on the Xbox One, PC and other devices that rely on Xbox Live. These problems have been going on for several hours now, and we do not yet know how soon a fix can be implemented. Update: Microsoft says it starts see improvements so you can now get lucky to become online.]

The news was confirmed on Xbox Support Twitter ] account, which originally confirmed reports of login problems before delivering a later update that says "We are currently investigating error code 0x87DD0006 when we try to log in to our services via units, we appreciate your ongoing patience, update again here as well as our status page when we have more info . "

The status page referred to in that tweet has some more encouraging news and says "We believe we have identified the problem and caused some members to have trouble with Sign in to Xbox Live. Thanks for your patience when the team is working to solve the problem. "That update was published at 1:58 PM PT.

The page identifies the issues that affect Xbox Live's "core services", which include things like the ability to log in – which is of course important for doing everything based on Xbox Live, such as playing games online or even gaining access to some online-only games, like Fortnite: Battle Royale and Destiny 2.

There is no word when Xbox Live comes back online. We update this story when more details are shared. Meanwhile, find out all the new Xbox One news.

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