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Xbox Live decreased when Microsoft experienced “multiple” service stops

Microsoft’s Xbox Live service experienced problems today, marking the fourth time in recent weeks. Xbox One users reported problems earlier today by logging into Xbox Live, joining friends and joining parties. The questions started around 3:15 pm ET and also affected some multiplayer games. The interruption was not isolated to Xbox Live; Microsoft says there was a problem that persisted in its platforms, including Microsoft 365.

“We are aware that some users may have problems when trying to log in to Xbox One & Windows 10,” Microsoft is explained in a status update posted on Twitter “Our teams are aware of and are working on a fix. Follow here & on our status page for updates. “

Microsoft said it was examines issues also affects “multiple Microsoft 365 services”, indicating that the interruption was wider in scope and went beyond just Xbox Live. Microsoft has experienced several interruptions with Xbox Live recently, and this is the fourth interruption in recent weeks. Xbox Live was down for two hours last month, affecting party chat and online multiplayer.

About 4:30 pm ET, Microsoft posts an update to their Xbox Support Twitter account says it had solved login problems for Xbox Live and Window 10. “We have solved a problem that a subset of customers may have experienced trying to log in to certain services,” the company later said in a statement to The limit. However, according to the Xbox Live status page, the platform still sees problems in creating accounts, managing and resetting, as well as persistent problems connecting players to multiplayer games.

Update May 22, 6:27 pm ET: Added a statement from Microsoft saying that the company had resolved the login issues and most services should now function normally. The heading has also been updated to reflect this information.

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