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X-Men Movie Timeline, Explained

The two conflicting timelines of the broader X-Saga.
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Nineteen years after it all began, and helped us launch the early waves of the superhero cinema's dominance we see today, is Foxs X-Men saga at the end with the release of Dark Phoenix . It may have gone into a damp splash instead of a real fire, but it now means that we have a complete and complete batshit, event chain to break down.

The tale X-Men is made not only with its topsy turvy release scheme, a soft-started halfway by moving us back to a series of prequels but also by the presence of X-Men: Days of Future Past to break down the actual chronological order of these films an exercise in fierce frustration. We did it anyway, for hey, that's what we do! So if you want to know how the whole X-Saga went down, from X-Men to Dark Phoenix and beyond? Here is our guide.

Two timelines, both equal in dignity

Complete information goes in: we have some alternative timeline games. Two distinct film stories – the original three films X-Men directed by Bryan Singer, and then the four "reboot" films beginning with X-Men: First Class events in Days of Future Past creates a timeline of events where the original X movies happened, and a second there First Class story happens … mostly. Pieces of them technically happen in both! You will see …

Timeline A: Initially it was Wolverine

Technically, it was Apocalypse: A Sabah Nurs backstory emergence and fall of X-Men: Apocalypse as one of the ancient world's most powerful rulers and the first-born of the mutant war takes place about 8,000 BC . He is destroyed and imprisoned by his former supporters in 3,600 BC. but we must forget him for a while. We really begin with X-Men Origins: Wolverine who in this [timeline] at least does not come up again. charts Logan's long history. In 1845 James Howletts activates the mutant gene as he witnesses the death of the man he thought was his father, just because the young James accidentally killed his father Thomas Logan in the following moments. James and his half-brother, Victor Creed-who will eventually become known as the mutant villain Sabertooth-then spend the next century and struggle in various wars, survive their iniquities due to their regenerative mutant abilities. James will of course eventually become known as Wolverine. We arrive at it!

At the same time, in 1944 Erik Lensherr (possibly Magneto), a young Jewish boy imprisoned in the concentration camp Auschwitz begins to manifest their own powers. Experimented by the unyielding leader of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, Erik finally escapes and spends the next two decades looking for every Nazi, he can find and kill them for their scary role in the Holocaust. In … brighter events? The young Charles Xavier meets Shapeshifting Mutant Raven Darkholme for the first time and invites her to live with her family in the Westchester Manor.

We can now continue for two decades to 1962 when most X-Men: First Class take place. Moira McTaggert reveals the existence of the Hellfire Club and mutants in general; Charles, Raven and Erik made up for Shaw; and X-Menna were born after Charles uses a prototype version of the Cerebro helmet to locate and recruit a team of similar young mutants. He and Erik also try to recruit Logan / Wolverine at this time and fail. X-Men battle Shaw and the club in Cuba, and while they succeed, it comes at great expense: Xavier is paralyzed and Lensherr, who now acts as Magneto, master of magnetism, takes Raven as well as Angel, Riptide and Azazel

Now, buckle up, for things are about to get really strange. Seeds from a timeline split begin to germinate after the events of X-Men: First Class in the sequel to its sequel, Days of Future Past (which was probably not a good move for the franchise).

1963 Magneto is falsely accused of murdering President Kennedy, while a few years later Xavier formally opens his school of "Gifted Youngsters" …. just for most of these youths to be signed up for the Vietnam War in 1970 budding Charles to despair. Also, we're back in Origins too little, because James Howlett also beats in Vietnam before he and Victor are recruited to join a secret Mutant Black Ops squad by William Stryker, known as Team X. James takes take on a new name and code name here and borrow his true dad's name to become Logan and earn his Wolverine moniker but ends Team X after several years of service, when Stryger's casual ignorance for life and the group's violent mission begins to weigh on him. But let's forget it for now …

We come in a weird place.

The Split: Movies of Future Past

A divergence occurs in 1973 when the Raven-going of her alter ego Mystique killer Bolivar Trask in Days of Future Past s dystopian version of the timeline. Trask, head of Trask Industries, tried to get the US government to use its giant robot program, Sentinels, to hunt and contain mutant child. His death, which takes place in one of the "reboot" of your films, is what actually leads to the continuation of what we refer to as Timeline A … which are the original X-Men films. We come to the split eventually, but for now, let's continue the events outside the timeline A.

X-Menna who released the attack, including Colossus, Wolverine, Rogue, Iceman and Pyro, were forced to cooperate with Magneto and Mystique to stop Stryker and his son from brainwashing Xavier to use another Cerebro to kill every mutant on the planet with a mental command. During the rescue service, Magneto decides to be a room cavity and Jason has convinced Charles to use Cerebro 2 to kill every human instead of taking off and leaving the X-Menna to handle his mess. Shit up! Nightcrawler and Storm-free Xavier from Jason's control before being able to use Cerebro 2, and the X-Menna escaping Strike's base when flooded by a nearby pond damaged in battle.

You, mostly. Stryker drowns and Jean Gray sacrifices himself to save the X-Men and hold back the tide and drop into a strange, fiery new force in the process. Everyone is sad to 2006 when the events of X-Men: The Last Stand occur. And then everyone in the real world is boring because the events of X-Men: The Last Stand a horrible movie occurs. Jean is reborn as the evil, omnipotent Phoenix force, just as the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants enter into another scrap – this time over the evolution of an assumed cure for the mutant gene, with Magneto believing it will be used to severely eradicate mutants.

Everyone realizes that fighting over it while a giant fiery psychic goddess of tremendous power threatens to destroy the whole planet is a bad idea, and they are able to stop Phoenix. Wolverine is forced to kill Jean and is sad, even if mutants get equality in the wake of, you know, save the world and all that. Oh, and past, Xavier is killed by Phoenix before her death, but don't worry, he gets better at the end of the movie. As I said, it's bad!

Anyway, it's good too little. In 2013 Wolverine lives as a hermit, traumatized by the fact that he must kill Jean, but is engaged in a new adventure in Japan where he turns up Silver Samurai during the events of The Wolverine . Things are getting freaky again when he returns to the US and finds that Xavier not only lives in any way, but he and Magneto work together for a serious new threat to mutant child. Since this is all that begins Days of Future Past starts playing again: it's bad for mutants (again), with Trask Industries fully developing Sentinels as the perfect mutant hunting device. [19659030] Illustration for article title A Crazed attempt to dispel the X-Men movie timeline in its entity After Dark Phoenix “/>

By 2023 most mutants are killed, exterminated by Trask Industries regarding mechanical armies. As part of a bold plan to change history, Kitty Pryde, reinforced by Magneto and Xavier's mental power, sends Wolverine back to his body circa in 1973 to stop Mystique from killing Trask in the first place. We are looking for a new timeline, people!

Timeline B: There and back again

Welcome back to 50 years ago, but we are still in the events of Days of Future Past (God, my head hurts). Wolverine, back in his younger, but still Hugh-Jackman's body, finds the X-Menna in a state of decay, thanks to the aforementioned Vietnam war and Magno's entire "Did you kill JFK?" The agreement. Wolverine convinces the younger versions of Xavier and Magneto to help him prevent the evil future he came from … just for Magneto trying to kill President Nixon too, after Mystique is prevented from killing Trask and the Sentinel program still comes into effect . Shit up. The struggle against the Ravens soul between Xavier and Magneto finally ends with her choosing the good side, rescuing Nixon from Magneto (yay …?) And deleting Sentinels from the timeline and creating a whole new timeline in the process.

Everything that happened to in 1973 in the timeline An event happened here, only that instead of murdering Trask and being monitored, Mystique kills no one and becomes a hero. Meanwhile, 2023 returns the Logan of Timeline A to a version of the future to find his friends alive and well, while his independence in timeline B is freed from captivity by Mystique, in disguise as William Stryker. Is your head so bad now?

Remember how we spoke briefly about Apocalypse who, for 1500 words then? Anyway, it's time to deal with him now. After the events of Days of Future Past young Xavier and Magneto again go their separate ways, with Xavier re-opening his school to a new generation of future X-Men and Magneto falls in love with a woman named Magda Gurzsky, settle and having a daughter together, Nina. But in 1983 Moira McTaggert (remember Moira? Good times!) Awakening Apocalypse wakes up from his imprisoned slumber and the Apocalypse immediately begins to gather his riders to transform the modern world as his dominion. One of these riders is none other than Magneto, cheated on working with the apocalypse after his wife and children were murdered.

Xavier's new team X-Men-led by Mystique, and now including Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Cyclops, and a young Jean Grey prepare for the fight apocalypse, but only after a shim where they are captured by William Stricker's forces and liberated. gasp! -Wolverine. Nonetheless, the apocalypse launches an attack from its old powerhouse in Cairo, and after two of his riders (Magento and Storm) are convinced to change sides, Jean landed the last battle alone and knocks into a strange, fiery new force in processes. Wait, where have we heard this before? It does not matter, especially not for [Phoenix] Dark Phoenix who completely ignores this trinity of the Phoenix power to do anything else entirely.

Talk about which, look, we're here at Dark Phoenix ! The film takes place mostly in 1992 . At this point, X-Men is a world-famous, beloved superhero, with Mystique at their root, and Charles Xavier has the ear of the president. They also have action figures and dolls by themselves! After a mission to save the crew of the US Space Shuttle Endeavor when a strange sun flame disturbs their ships, Jean inadvertently exposes the Phoenix force, the great cosmic energy that "sun flame" really was, melting with his body and gives her dangerous levels of mental power. This becomes interested in the surviving members of the Shapeshifting D&I Bari species, which trace the cosmic force after it destroyed its homeland. D & # 39; Bari infiltrates the earth and tries to capture the Phoenix force for himself by controlling Jean who traumatized by the revelation Xavier lied to her about her father's death in the accident that led her to join the X-Men. Thanks to the Phoenix power, Jean forces begin to go out of control, causing her to escape the X-Menna in the wake of Xavier's fraud and accidentally killing Mystique.

In the subsequent conflict, Xavier and X-Men cooperate with Magneto (again!) – who has hid in his own little secluded island in the years since Apocalypse created a mutant enclave to stop Jean and then D & # 39; Bari. Having convinced that Xavier and X-Men really care about her, she sacrifices to exterminate the Bari leader, Vuk, who is becoming one with the Phoenix power. So, as far as we know, the events in the timeline B. end.

Timeline C and D: Oh God, Oh God Please Send Help

You thought we were ready just because we came to Dark Phoenix ? Hahahahahaha, absolutely not . You see, while most X-Men movie takes place over these two timelines that we have called A and B, there are actually two two timelines thrown in the mix thanks [19659041]. “/>

. “/>

Let's start with . “/>

Logan that we will dub Timeline C. Although the movie has Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier once again, it is suggested that this is not in the same timeline as the original X-Men movies in our timeline A or future segments of Days of Future Past . And we'll just ignore it, even more confusingly, that the installation of X-23's genetic material is being prepared for Logan taking place in the mailbox for Timeline B's X-Men: Apocalypse !

Whatever the hell, Logan is in a dystopian future there, after 2014 no mutants are born due to a blurred plan that fed food supplies with X-repressive chemicals. Fourteen years later, in 2028 a traumatized Xavier victim falls victim to a massive psychological seizure and kills hundreds of people, including the X-Men. With mutants at extinction, Logan Xavier takes his last day in Mexico, but in [20459035] 2029 the two are called to help a group of young clones of Wolverine, including X-23 (known by her "real" name, Laura Kinney), refugee captivity and flight to Canada. Both Xavier and Logan die in the process, but Laura flies to freedom.

It Causes the Second Spinoff Timeline, Timeline D. D for Deadpool! The two Deadpool films also contain connections and references to the films in both timelines A and B as part of their fourth-wall crimes, meta-textual Smörgåsbord of references and comets, which Deadpool 2 s teeny moments with some of Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix stars. But for our sake, it is best that we interpret as they have been in their own spinoff branch of the timeline. And that is even before we get to Deadpool 2 s time trips shenanigans. and Deadpool 2 take place in a 2016 and and and 2018 and 2018 . Having been introduced to a secret reactivation of the Weapon X project by one of its own new creations, Ajax finds a cancer case Wade Wilson himself in a process that triggers his latent mutant genes of rapid self-healing while being terribly disfiguring him. After cooperating with the X-Men team members Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Wade takes revenge on Ajax before deciding to become a superhero mercenary for rent.

Two years later, after his girlfriend Vanessa was killed by mobsters, Wade slides into a depression and tries to kill herself, despite his regenerative abilities. He is pulled out of his funk by a meeting with the time traveling mutant cable, which comes from a dystopian future 2068 to kill a young pyrokinetic mutant known as the Firefist, who becomes a dangerous villain in the future of Cable. Wade convinces Cable not to kill Firefist while ensuring that Firefist does not come down to his seemingly miserable fate, delays Cable's dark future in the process.

If you've learned one thing from this wild attempt to make a movie franchise just to hardly pay attention to the story at best times, that's because we've been on a long, weird and sometimes incredibly stupid turn with Fox's ownership of the X-Men. These films, despite attempting to tie everything together into a Marvel Studios esque shared universe, hardly sense common sense, looping over themselves and just flat out contradictions.

But that's what it is, and what it may not even be quite over yet. Although Disney now owns Fox and is likely to reboot the X-Men as part of the much easier to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, we still have New Mutants on the road, which can reconnect to someone of these timelines (but it has not proved so far), and we could even get a third Deadpool to throw into the mix! Only time will tell.

For now, this is the timeline for Fox's X-Men -weird and convoluted, just like the fairy tale born from it.

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