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WrestleMania 35: Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair

1 . I'm doing a full analysis of a WWE storyline, so if you don't like wrestling, skip to point 2 and, more importantly, please don't the idiot who tweets me to say wrestling "isn" t real "

Now that I've got it out of the way, I have to complain about what I saw on Monday Night Raw because it was soooo bad and really summed up the company's condition, which faces record low scores for its flagship show. [19659002] WWE has the hottest criminal act since Daniel Bryan and his "YES movement" 201

4 in Becky Lynch aka, "The Man." The crowd can't get enough of her, she's more (wrestling) than any wrestler in the company and she is in a storyline with Ronda Rousey, which WWE paid millions to take in despite credibility.

So what does WWE do with Lynch? They give her the same old, tired story we've seen over and over in the company. knows where they are doing it t popular superstar an underdog who has to fight the "authority" of the McMahon family. It started with Stone Cold Steve Austin, it continued with Daniel Bryan and now it's Becky Lynch's turn and it's awful because it's been done so many times. Yes, it was effective with Austin and Bryan, but now it just feels like the ultimate crutch. It's lazy and unattractive because of "being there, done it". This week's Monday Night Raw was centered on Lynch apologizing to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H after being physically involved with each of them last week. It was the big line tormented for three hours. They even ran several chyrons with the question "Will Becky Lynch apologize?" As if it wasn't bad enough, the show culminated with Lynch's apology and then Vince McMahon came out to announce that Lynch was suspended for 60 days and Charlotte Flair would replace her in the Lynch-Rousey WrestleMania match.

Every single person who follows wrestling knows that Lynch will be in the "Mania match", so this big line is not only weird (that means no sense that Vince would only randomly insert Charlotte in the match), it is also a complete killing us because we know how it ends. Lynch will be in the "Mania match and most likely win it."

Of course, Lynch plays his role in this summed up story perfectly on social media.

Yes, this is professional wrestling and it is scripted and it is not something to be worked over. But when analyzing the mining operations it is amazing that 1) the WWE creative team is so unpleasant; 2) WWE's biggest five-year-old favorite and has no idea what to do with her, 3) They would take a big Lynch-Rousey WrestleMania match and muck it up by adding a third person.

Please becky Lynch from this crazy.

2 . This was such a bad tweet by Justin Verlander. Sure, let's just give every 10 years contract because they train so well. I mean, how on earth could a team NOT bring Manny Machado for 10 seasons after he said it was not his thing.

3 . I'm not sure I've ever seen a more cringeworthy minute of pictures in my life.

4 . Out of this group, 49ers would be the most entertaining team for Hard Knocks with Jimmy G's comeback story, Richard Sherman and entertaining Greg Kittle. The Raiders would be horrible because it would only be the Jon Gruden show. Of course, if HBO goes with the giants you see a lot of Odell Beckham. The lions are a bit interesting because Matt Patricia works, let's just say weird. The redskins would be completely boring. . Capitals forward Tom Wilson has made a large report on Bryce Harper will NOT sign. According to Wilson, Harper has not followed several Capital players on social media, so a return to Washington for the lookout seems to be out.

6 . The man who broke the story of ESPN burning Baseball Tonight hosted Adnan Virk, New York Post sports media reporter Andrew Marchand joined the latest SI Media Podcast to give all the details of the wild story . Marchand explains how ESPN found out if Virk reported leaking information to Awful Announcing and why the network decided to shoot him instead of interrupting him.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it to iTunes.

7. DUET VIDEO OF DAY : Here is Alicia Keys and John Mayer who work together for huge versions of If I Don't Have You and Gravity .

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In conclusion : The Knicks have lost 17 games in a row and are seated at 10-45. But when they host 76ers on Wednesday night, 19,000 people will be in the MSG for the game. And that's the problem.

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