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WrestleMania 34: 7 reasons to watch WWE's April-PPV

We have finally reached the end of the road to WrestleMania, and can you guess what is waiting for us? Use the total clues provided. That's right, it's WrestleMania, and it's the 34th edition of the annual super event. Normally in this preview space, we give you five reasons to see any WWE pay-per-view we're talking about, but this is Mania, Bay Bay. Let's face it for seven reasons – one for every hour that's the show!

Oh, yes, WrestleMania is super tall, just a fyi. If you do not want to watch seven hours of the show, please insert 7:00 ET for official start time: The preview will match it, and it will kick out at 5:00. ET on the WWE network.

Asuka and Charlotte go one-on-one and we are not ready and / or worthy

Charlotte Flair is the most dominant woman's champion WWE has been going on. Between the WWE Women's Championship, the RAW Women's title and the SmackDown Women's belt ̵

1; the one she's currently wearing – she's a six-time Women's Champ. Charlotte is not just where she is because she is the daughter of Ric Flair – she is incredible in the ring, knows how to tell a story, and while she is currently playing a face, it's a hell of a heel.

Asuka, on the other hand, is 256-0 in her WWE career. It includes NXT, WWE, house shows, everything. WWE did a large part of her being the longest governor of any kind of NXT, and to break Goldberg's record unwavering streak – something even Goldberg himself complemented the Empress of Tomorrow on. Now she is the first winner of Women's Royal Rumble, and she chose to challenge Charlotte, the only other practitioner out there who can challenge Asuka's claim to the throne of the women's division.

Both artists are face right now, but they can also flourish as a heel – it will not only be fascinating to see the match in general, but to see what directions and further storylines that come out of this matchup. If Charlotte can not beat Asuka, then who can?

And then you write a fortune

Carmella still has the money in the bank's portfolio with a guaranteed contract for a title shot. I'm just going to leave this here if it turns out I called her shot a month ago, yes?

Carmella used a depleted Asuka who only fought Charlotte as hard as she could until she hardly got anything left? People would be furious at Carmella, and that's why it would work! Imagine how much hate, even important Carmella would get with the constant and uncomfortable reminders that she did what no-one else in WWE has been able to do, even though she took the most erratic road to the least resistance there? Initial money in the bank match winner Edge would be so proud of opportunism.

In addition, the temptation to have Ronda Rousey-Break Asuka's line at next year's WrestleMania has been removed. I'm just looking for you.

Daniel Bryan is back YES YES YES

Daniel Bryan will be wrestling! At WrestleMania! He has been away for more than two years as an invocationist, and it was assumed that he would never be back when he announced his retirement. Or at least not back in a WWE ring – they can not hold him retired when his contract is up, no matter how many brain breaks or neck injury he has suffered.

Bryan is cleansed and WWE will keep track of his medicals after the matches go ahead to make sure he is well enough to perform. He will take on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens together with tag partner Shane McMahon, in a story that makes no sense at all!

The happy joy generated by Bryan's return drives us all through it. It's just a shame that WWE continues to treat Shane McMahon as if he's the good guy in this, because his character has been a complete powerful maniac while Owens and Zayn have been in the right just as they were bad and Bryan was in their corner all the time. Until he was not, which meant that the duo struck him down when he was medical cleaned and gave us this match.

True justice would be Bryan who accepts this beatdown from Owens and Zayn as part of a long-con to get Shane into the ring so that Bryan could put his hands on the guy who made his job much harder for months and months, and the audience realize through Bryan's actions that yes, it's Shane's Mac that's wrong and is the bad guy, and Bryan, Owens and Zayn deserve to be excited to face the injustices of their patronizing fatherly business leaders, but I will not hold the spirit of the correct story told here. However, I will settle for Daniel Bryan to be back on my television as a wrestler. Although I still have some feelings to work through on that note.

other first female WrestleMania Battle Royal!

We know that this is not the first women's Battle Royal at WrestleMania, WWE. We also understand that you want everyone to forget the first one where you had Santino Marella dress up as a woman and win to become Miss WrestleMania. I wonder why fans were so furious at WWE's creative team when James Ellsworth won the first women's money in Carmella's bankstart match last summer?

But enough to remind you that wrestling companies can and will change their story in turn to suit their story: what matters now is that WWE will have a women's battle royal and it sounds safe as the kind of things we should used to see. With regard to WWE, the two women's titles are on the main list and no secondary or tag titles to speak, maybe the winner of this will be a bigger deal than the winner of the men's version of this match. Or maybe they will just slide for life without purpose for a year, just like the men! Now it's true gender equality.

Unfortunately, I'm sorry, I'm really looking forward to this game – the battle kings generally rule and it's exciting to see WWE put on one for those women who's not just about eating five minutes – and I swear if they do not let Becky Lynch win a match on a favorable pay-per-view than again I'll be angry and offline about it.

Honestly, the only real disadvantage of Women's Battle Royal – except that I can not call it something shortened as I do for men, referring to The Giant Memorial Battle Royal as "The Dre," Is Sasha Bank and Bayley is here instead of in a solo match against each other. This puts them on the preview, but maybe we'll get our one-on-one in a big space along the way.

Undertaker will be wrestling with John Cena, right? Right ???

Undertaker has still not responded to John Cena's challenge and I love to leave this as a mystery because there is so much more on Mania 34 that they do not have to sell open Taker vs Cena, one of the most likely possible matches on Mania for either in his career, to succeed.

I will not love it if the result is Undertaker that turns out to answer the challenge by attacking Cena and putting a match for a later time. WrestleMania is for sweeping nearby, and I require closing on Taker / Cena. Taker beats Cena in a match and Cena sends down a self-evident path that inevitably leads to a record-winning world title? Cool. Undertaker pantsing Cena at WrestleMania and grows "Rest in Peace" over him as if it was a segment of RAW? It will not stand.

If we get the match, but, man. It will be good for Taker to be able to crush with both his hips intact so that we can avoid last year's disaster – nobody could really do anything about it when it happened, Taker just had not healed up. And it will be great that it's Cena there with him both for historical purposes and the continuation of their fejd who have been on ice for several years and the fact we can all trust that John is careful about a guy who started wrestling two years before I was born.

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 2.0

A.J. Style rules, Shinsuke Nakamura has the ability to rule when he does not break Dolph Ziggler, and these two already had a match in New Japan that ruled. Built to this has been good, which you can not say about many of the styles that have been made during his title management or if any of Nakamura's former SmackDown feeds. I'll keep it short here, because there's nothing else to say than two dudes with intense call-in and out-of-ring chemistry will try to destroy the other to win the WWE Championship.

Sometimes it's all you need.

Lightning Round!

It's WrestleMania, so there are many options for this last place. So, I'll just name them all!

  • Two of my favorite breakers (Seth Rollins and Miz) are in triple match for the Intercontinental Championship with another wrestler (Finn Balor) who is great fun and it's only possible for this part of our reasons to look at this stacked card . Lovely. No, wait, it's another match, one that Rusev better wins, unless Jammer Mahal gets W so postmania we get face Rusev feuding with Jinder, who seems to think that defeating Randy Orton and becoming the United States Champion makes you ruler of america? I mean, let's give it a shot, maybe he would be an improvement. Mr. Mahal, where are you on the development of social welfare programs?

This … worked better than I thought it would. Jinder Mahal has some great ideas, but society does not understand him and he may have gone a little overboard and trying to force them to understand. Rusev has grown to love the people as they have grown to love him and want to take care of them. Bobby Roode cares most about Bobby Roode, but he is also aware that if all are dead there is no one left to worship him. And Randy Orton cares mostly about Randy Orton, but does not care if everyone is dead or if he is the one who killed them.

Viva la Rusev, that's what I'm saying here. If he wins, April 9 will always be known as Rusev Day. April 10, too. And so on.

  • I can not wait to find out who Braun Strowman's mystery tag partner is, and I hope no matter who this person is, they defeat the Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) for the RAW Tag Team Championships. The bar is good, love them, but Braun should finally have a championship he has taken his view of. I'm disappointed if his partner is Abigal-less Bray Wyatt, but maybe between the reincarnation lake and near Braun, Bray can finally be cool again.
  • Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women's Championship is going to be dope as hell because it already hurts our expectations: the face we turn on is a "monster" only in size and strength, while the real monster here is the diminutive Alexa Bliss. I understand the concerns that Bliss builds this feud of the idea of ​​body shame and reveals Nia's deepest, darkest secrets of her struggle with body image, but if Nia does this, it's a horrible person who says and believes in horrible things was WRECKED by the power of Well, then we've all learned something today. In theory.
  • Stephanie McMahon can finally hurt by meeting Ronda Rousey. That or WWE will double down "Ronda is a loser" and then put her on one of the two, and I'm here for so long, we're not working again against Ronda snapping Asuka's unresolved streak on Mania 35.
  • I care about Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar much more than its location in this preview will make you think, but honestly, I'd rather make political compasses for a midcard sweep and gush over Asuka vs Charlotte. You will get plenty of Reigns vs Lesnar coverage asIt happens thanks to our live blog and on Monday mornings when we visit this huge event. Just know that the two dudes will hit the family out of each other, and it will be fine.

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