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World Cup afterglow gives France a highly necessary step

PARIS – With the golden World Cup trophy in hand, France's winning country team returns to a big "Merci!" From a grateful nation that was very urgent.

"Eternal happiness" said Monday's title in sports daily Equipe summarizes the mood of many who hope this euphoria will last for months – even years.

France prepared to welcome home the national football team on Monday for a victory over the Grand Champs Elysees, the big Paris avenue where hundreds of thousands were forced to team 4-2 victory over Croatia to capture the trophy.

It will be followed by a reception in the presidential palace, with hundreds of guests including people from football clubs known for the French players, as well as the poor suburb of Bondy, where the 1

9-year-old star Kylian Mbappe grew up.

More Paris subway stations customize their names to honor the team and its members, the transport authority tweeted. Champs-Elysees Clemenceau has become Deschamps-Elysees Clemenceau to commemorate the national team trainer Didier Deschamps.

The Etoiles station is currently "On a 2 Etoiles", to name France's second world cup victory after a year 1998, while Victor Hugo station is now Victor Hugo Lloris, after France's standout- goalkeeper and team captain.

celebrated spread throughout the nation and among peaceful French players themselves.

"We are linked to life now with this Cup," Raphael Varane replied to BFM TV on Monday before leaving Moscow from home.

French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated the field in Moscow and hugged the players as they got their medals even when the sky opened and poured down on everyone, and congratulations to the players again in the dressing room. He certainly hopes that the glory of the World Cup will rub him and raise him into a nation that protests strongly on his economic reforms.

It is the players who have taken the French imagination, a youthful and versatile group that represents a generation traditionals have not yet agreed upon.

Sports Minister Laura Flessel told Europe-1 Radio that the World Cup's victory allows France's youth – like in the poor suburbs where many of the players grew up – "dare to believe in their dreams."

Joy of victory sparked Monday morning commute in Paris, with young people in cars still singing and shouting at a party.

In the eastern Paris area of ​​Belleville with the Eiffel Tower visible far away, Vincent Simon said, "Both teams deserved to win. France won and it is good for the country. It will do well for a few months."

] Fellow Parisian Florian Scaven got a glimpse of the World Cup final from the birth department, where his wife had a child during the match.

"We vibrated with the horns in the street. We are happy.

The victory came in a time when many French needed good news.

" It represents huge things, "said Goffrey Hamsik, wearing a hat similar to a pile – the French national symbol – and a shirt with Mbappes No. 10 number.

"We have had many problems in France in recent years," he said, and remembered mortal terror attacks. "This is good for morals. Here we are all united. We mix. There is no religion, there is nothing, and that is what feels good. "

Nevertheless, the celebration in France usually ends with a violent crime of troubled people and Sunday was no exception.

Broken shop windows, pillars and other destruction lined a section of Champs-Elysees, the postgame side for revelers. The Riot police used the water cannon and tear gas to end the violence.

The French media reported that the authorities detained 90 people in the Paris area and around 290 in France.


Chris the Dog in Paris contributed.

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