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With this Dark Souls 3 mode you can take a shotgun to Lothric

What was your latest build in Dark Souls 3? I am partly in my shoulders myself, although I have been very successful in moving to huge, large-scale words of late. For my next race, however, I think I will try something new ̵

1; I go through Lothric with a sawn, filling every undead goon on the walls with buckshot thanks to this ridiculous new mod created by Asasasasasbc.

As the undisturbed people on the RPS fanzine PC Gamer discovered, Modern Firearm does pretty much as it says on the cover – add an arsenal of assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns and sniper rifles to the Software’s grimdark hack ‘n’ slash threequel.

Fashion replaces your usual crossbows and assorted weapons with more modern counterparts. The heavy crossbow becomes an AK-47, the sniper arch becomes a sniper rifle and so on. When held with both hands, all weapons will lock the sniper in full auto. Conversely, holding them with one hand will fire single shots – more accurate, more harmful, but with a higher endurance cost.

Although Dark Souls 3 can be somewhat trivial when making an assault rifle, it is a curious look at some invisible other game. It’s easy to imagine a game that completely leans into this kind of heavy, stubborn shooting game. Imagine heavy knights grabbing cumbersome firearms in, for example, a Soulsey return to From the Software’s great mech game. One can dream, right?

If you’re looking for more ways to completely remix Dark Souls 3 – or any of the other Souls games, for that matter – how is it about checking out Dominic Tarason’s guide to modifying the shit from the Dark Souls trilogy? Just make sure you have first ended your connection to Bandai Namco HQ – they are very stingy about people breaking their games.

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