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Wisconsin Yerkes Observatory Stargazing through the world's largest breaking telescope

Join Dan Koehler, Head of Tours and Programs at Yerkes Observatory. The 40th-century telescope is the world's largest building. Incredible Yerkes Observatory's stunning Gothic Romanesque architectural meaningful structure and telescope opened the first time in 1897.

Originally funded and run by the University of Chicago, the 40th-century telescope is open to public viewing together with continued scientific research.

Yerkes Observatory, located in Williams Bay, is just a 1

5-minute drive from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

From the University of Chicago's Yerkes Observatory website:

During the year, the Yerdes Observatory allows sightings for visitors 10 years of age and older.

The participants have a unique opportunity to look at a variety of fascinating celestial objects through either a 40-inch refractor or 24-inch reflector telescope.

Held several times during the year, star parties are your chance to see amazing celestial objects through telescopes on the lawn, enjoy the constellations and try cool astronomical activities for the whole family.

Yerkes Observatory is a facility at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. It was founded in 1897 on Lake Geneva in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.

Until the mid 1960s, the Yerkes Observatory hosted all the activities of the department. Today, it offers the 77-acre park in the Southwestern Wisconsin laboratory room and access to telescopes for research and teaching.

Yerkes Observatory occupies a unique niche for the education and science community.

It bridges several important perspectives in formal and informal education. Observatory Center Astronomy and Astrophysics is a solid foundation for introducing all important topics in current research as well as the practice of observation astronomy.

There is a wide range of learning opportunities. Because of Yker's historical context, a world of professional and student astronomers and astronomical teachers is drawn to the observatory.

These communities learn from each other, build relationships and create programs that lead to enriched experiences and learning opportunities for young and different members of our society.

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