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Will the Raiders actually make the playoffs?

  Jon Gruden

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden gives a fist pump after a 17-10 win over the Bengals.

Holy hell, the Raiders will make the playoffs, isn't it?

After surviving the ultimate stumble on Sunday against the winless Bengals, Oakland is 6-4 and looking at the horizon Monday morning with a smile on their collective faces. FiveThirtyEight gives the Raiders a 42% chance of reaching the season right now, even though it kicks over 50% with a victory over the Hollow Jets at MetLife Stadium in Week 12.

Their remaining schedule is as follows:

• Jets ( 3-7)
• Chiefs (6-4) *
• Titans (5-5)
• Jaguars (4-6)
• Chargers (4-6) *
• Broncos (3-7)

* Managers and Chargers play on Monday Night Football.

For those who regularly read The Morning Huddle, you may know how I thought this season in Oakland would go. Jon Gruden spent most of this season as a walking, destructive ham, and yet the team has weathered not only his chaotic game plan strategy but one of the most difficult logistics plans in the NFL this season. The Raiders 2019 corresponds to a contractor who throws a bunch of nail-infected scrap wood into a logger and looks at a sensible colonial who comes out the other side.

In some way, he is convinced by the rest of the team that most of the adversity they We have met this season has nothing to do with the people driving the Raiders. And it works.

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