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Will the Bengals remove franchise offers from AJ Green?

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Without a long-term contract between Bengals and receiver AJ Green, the 10-year veteran remains eligible to earn $ 17.865 million under the 2020 one-year franchise offer. , who shows up just before the start of the regular season and earns the full amount of his franchise player salary.

But there is an important wrinkle, one that has rarely been an issue since the launch of the franchise tag 27 years ago. If Green does not accept the offer, the Bengals can withdraw it.

Withdrawing the bid would save the Bengals $ 17.865 million in cash and caps. Given the expected loss of revenue from football matches without fans, Bengal owner Mike Brown has probably at least considered the possibility of making a move that would lead to Green not playing for the Bengals 2020 – especially since a training camp injury resulted in him not playing for the Bengals 2019.

The cash savings would apply this year, and the lid space could be carried over to 2021. If the lid drops dramatically due to the lost revenue in 2020, the extra space could make it much easier for the team to work next season.

A franchise offer has only been canceled three times. Philadelphia did it with linebacker Jeremiah Trotter in 2002, the Eagles did it three years later to defend tackle Corey Simon, and the Panthers did it in 2016 to cornerback Josh Norman. It’s a rare move, but this is a rare season. Money will be lost. The Bengals can save a large part of the lost money by just saying goodbye to Green, seven months or so before they are likely to do so.

They can also try to shop Green. But what team is capable of taking up so much of a cash and cap obligation for a guy who turns 32 in 16 days and who did not play at all last year due to injury, especially when he can not be signed to a long-term contract until after the 2020 season?

That is the best argument for Green to sign the tender ASAP. If the offer were to be withdrawn, would another team pay him $ 17.865 million this year? And if he were to receive $ 17.865 million by 2020, how many years would he need to commit to the back?

Withdrawing the offer would definitely be an unprecedented move. But in an unprecedented year, it is impossible to rule anything out. Given the amount of uncertainty currently disappearing through the football world and the country as a whole, $ 17.865 million will be a bird in the hand that Green may want to take to the bank while he can.

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