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Will Cole adopt Aubree?

Chelsea Houska's life is finally stable. After many years back and forth with baby dad Adam Lind, Chelsea is finally in a loving and supportive relationship. The fans dropped their heads over heels that were in love with Cole DeBoer when he went up to become a top cart dad, not just for the children he shares with Houska but also Houska's 9-year-old daughter Aubree.

Now everyone is waiting for breath for the day Cole officially assumes the spunky interval. Fans must, however, calm down. While Cole said he would jump on the chance to be Aubree's legal dad, the family of five goes to Aubree altogether, and she's not quite on board yet. Aubree, 9, has a rather complicated relationship with her father, Adam Lind.

Aubree is not in the legal adoption yet While Lind may not have unattended contact with Aubree, his parents have visiting rights. Recently, fans like Cole rushed to choose Aubree from a planned visit with their grandparents when Adam appeared in the family home.

Chelsea has long tried to facilitate a relationship between Aubree and her troubled dad. In January 201

9, fans saw Chelsea taking Aubree to a supervised visitation center to meet Adam. Lind did not show for the meeting, which led to Aubree feeling hurt, according to Inquistr .

While Aubree has a father-daughter relationship with
Chelsea man, Cole, the introspective 9-year-old is not ready to give up
hope for his dad. When asked if she was interested in being legally accepted,
Aubree questioned whether her dad would still be her dad. When told that no,
Adam would no longer be her father in the legal sense, she declined the offer.

Adam Lind signed his rights to his second daughter,

In 2018, Lind signed his parents' rights to his daughter Paislee Mae. Paisley's mother, Taylor Halbur, dated Lind on and off for several years. The couple welcomed a child together in 2014, but the relationship did not last long. Year 2017, Halbur married Joe Leonard. Lind claimed jumped at the chance to sign their parental rights, facilitating the adoption of Paislee, according to Starcasm .

Houska, Lind's first baby mom, has insisted that she should love Cole to adopt Aubree, but she notes that the whole situation is a little more complicated than Paisley's assumption. Since Aubree regularly visits Lind's parents and she is older, there is more emotional concern involved in the adoption process. Houska noted on Teen Mom 2 that Aubree had a difficult time understanding what Paisley's adoption meant. She asked Houska whether Paislee was still her sister.

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