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Wife of PGA Tour pro Lucas Glover arrested at home violence in Florida

Krista Glover, wife of the PGA Tour pro Lucas Glover, was arrested in Ponte Vedra, Fla., During the game championship for domestic violence and opposed arrest, according to St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Krista Glover, 36, "heavily attacked" and injured Lucas Glover in a rented home in Ponte Vedra on Saturday night, says a police report from Daily Mail. Both Lucas Glover and his mother had visible injuries after she intervened to stop the suspicion.

Glover called the "argument" a "private question" on Twitter Tuesday:

Lucas, telling the report, said his alternate that his wife becomes violent every time he does not play well in a big PGA tournament. The American Open Open 2009 champion Glover shot 78 Saturday in the third round of the players. He was listed as MDF and did not play in the final round of Sunday.

Glover said that his wife had been drinking during the day. She spoke oral glover and whipped him with profane insults in front of her little children after his round on Saturday, said the report.

In view of the apparent damage to Lucas Glover, his mother and the oral statements, the police made the probable cause of the arrest.

After deployed handcuffs Krista Glover, she became compassionate and tried to distinguish herself from the arresting deputy, says the report. She wrapped her legs and feet around the door and frame of the car and prevented the lower half of her body from getting into the car.

When Glover was in the car, the report says she "started screaming as he kicked behind the front door's door … which makes the door visibly different from the cell of the door frame."

Both accusations against Krista Glover are disturbed but have up to 1 year penalty if they are convicted. After spending the night in St. Johns County Failure, she was released on $ 2500 bond Sunday.