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Why the new Nissan Z Proto may be the old 370Z below – and why it’s not so bad

If the new Z gets a heavy update of the old car, it should not be too surprising why. Nissan is in a rather difficult situation right now and expects a loss of 6 billion dollars next year and the profit battle even before the pandemic. And like all car companies, it must invest heavily in electrification to meet future emissions requirements. Even the exclusive cousin Infiniti is looking to become a “Nissan-plus” rather than a true competitor to Mercedes or Audi.

Basically, dumping lots of money in a niche sports car with low volume probably wouldn’t get that far with Nissan’s management these days. It is for the same reason that the new Toyota Supra had to be a joint venture with BMW. While Nissan needs some positive attention due to its money problems and the whole Carlos Ghosn mess, and enthusiasts everywhere are happy to get a new sports car, it makes more sense for the company to sharply update the platform as it rather throws billions into a new design.

All that being said, is it really that big if the “new”

; Z is not as new as people think? I’m not so sure. Yes, paying new car money for what’s under an “old” car can feel like a bad deal, but if you think about it, what’s so wrong with an old car? It will have old car handling, old car steering and an old car layout. Isn’t that all we enthusiasts want from life? You would believe it from any forum on and on Twitter – until we are actually introduced to one.

In any case, when we asked Nissan if the Z Proto is really built on 370Z architecture, a company spokesman predictably declined to comment, saying, “Unfortunately, we can not share details beyond the information from the revelation right now.”

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