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Why Poppers Are Banned


Poppers are drugs belonging to the chemical class referred to as alkyl nitrites. They are used in the mainstream society for recreational purposes, but for a long time they have been associated with the gay community because of their ability to facilitate anal sex. Poppers are inhaled. They are stored in small bottles and produce a steam that users inhale to introduce the desired effects to the body. They are used to create the feeling of excitement, relaxation, and elevate a user’s mood.

Reasons Why Poppers Are Banned In Different Countries

  • Biases against the Drugs

Poppers are often viewed negatively in different parts of the world and that is why they are banned in some countries. Although they are not as harmful as some people may think, they receive a lot of criticism because of their associations with nightclubs and sex. Since they are mostly sold in bars and adult stores, they bring a connotation that doesn̵

7;t go well with policymakers. It’s for this reason that poppers are banned in countries like Japan.

  • Perceived Dangerous Effects to the Body

There are perceived dangers to the body associated with poppers. One of the dangers is respiratory problems. Also, it’s perceived that they have the capacity to increase a person’s heart’s rate, which can be extremely dangerous. It’s for this reason that poppers are not allowed in certain countries. That is why the sale of poppers in Switzerland without permission is illegal.

  • Negative View by Lawmakers

Lawmakers have a negative view about poppers. Since they are the ones who come up with laws regarding drug use, they have an upper hand in banning poppers. The bias against poppers gives them a bad light in the eyes of the law and that’s why they end up getting banned.

  • Alkyl Nitrates are Strong Chemicals

Alkyl nitrates are considered to be strong chemicals that once they enter into the body’s system, they alter its normal functioning. Health practitioners see them as health hazards to the mainstream society and that is why they end up being banned. Once health institutions and government agencies see poppers as strong and harmful chemicals, they are deemed as illegal.

  • Classification as Illegal Drugs

The classification of poppers as illegal drugs has contributed to their ban in countries like Canada. In 2013, Canada banned the sale and use of poppers in the country after the government classified them as illegal drugs. If anyone is found selling or distributing the drugs, he or she can be charged with being in possession of illegal drugs.

Why the UK has Allowed Poppers

Contrary to what is happening in countries that have banned poppers, the UK has allowed their sale through poppers UK suppliers and use. This is because the drugs were found not to be in the category of illegal drugs as they were initially thought to be. The government had to overturn an earlier ruling in 2016 that had put poppers in the category of illegal drugs. However, it’s important to point out that the drugs are not advertised for human consumption.

Certainly, the forbidding of poppers in some countries and allowing them in others shows that there is lack of adequate understanding about the drugs in some jurisdictions. Therefore, there is need for the relevant authorities to do more research on poppers before taking drastic measures.