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Why did Meghan Markle and her father stop by?

Meghan Markle has a past just like everyone else. She is not perfect (although some may say she is as close as it gets), nor is her relationship with her father. Ever since Meghan started talking to Prince Harry, her relationship with her father has puzzled people around the world. She obviously cares deeply about him, but there has been a lot of strain, and the two can't cope. But what went wrong between Meghan and her father in the first place?

Meghan's parents divorced when she was young

Megan's father was a lighting director in Hollywood and her parents met on a set. Her mother was a studio temp where her dad worked, and the two beat it and quickly fell in love. Meghan wrote in an essay for Elle that she thought it was "her sweet eyes and her Afro, plus their shared love of antiques" that pulled her father to her mother. Although things seemed blessed for a while, their marriage began to tear. The couple divorced when Meghan was six years old.

She grew up the afternoon with her dad on the set

Although her parents were not together, Meghan still spent a lot of time with both of them. She used to visit her father on set, and he is largely the reason why she came to the spectacle. He also helped her through a tough moment in high school when asked to fill in a census and realized that her mixed race background was not an option in the boxes to check on the form. "If it happens again, draw your own box" told her dad. Thomas Markle once won $ 750,000 in the lottery and used some of the proceeds to send Meghan to the private school. he always wanted the best for her.

When Meghan was 1
8, things began to go down between her and her father – but the reason is still unclear

When Meghan grew up, she began to become her own person. And when she was 18, she first explained that things between her and her dad didn't go well. A video recently emerged from Meghan at the age of 18 and said she and her dad were not in the best way. It may have had something to do with college or with Megan's relationship with her mother, but the cause of the downfall has never been completely revealed. But when Meghan and Harry started dating, it turned out she still cares a lot about Thomas.

Since Meghan and Harry began to die, Megan's relationship with his father has once been strained

Although something went down when Meghan was 18, it did not
necessarily means that the two stopped talking forever. But things never got
back to where they were when Meghan was young. Thomas eventually sold
everything and moved down to Mexico, where he lived since then. And with
Meghan Films Suits in Toronto, that is
possible that the distance played a role in their lack of relationship.

When Harry and Meghan planned the wedding, things with Meghan and her father became severely strained. Thomas had to pay paparazzi to put him in the news, and Meghan did not invite anyone from his father's side to the family for his wedding – except him. But a few days before the wedding, the heart problems kept him from flying over to Britain

According to The Cut, Meghan wrote him a letter after the wedding and asked him to stop nonsense so that they could repair their relationship, but Thomas did not answer any of her calls. Since Meghan and Harry are, it has been a male-she said between Meghan and her dad, and it is unclear whether the truth will ever come out. Perhaps Meghan's new baby can spark a change of heart in both of them and urge them to repair their relationship.

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