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Why Did Luke S. Go Home on 'The Bachelorette'?

  • On tonight's episode of The Bachelorette there was a pretty major showdown between contestants Luke S. and Luke P.
  • FYI, Luke P. is currently the most hated man on Twitter.

    Warning: Bachelorette episode 5 spoilers below (duh).

    The Bachelorette this season, you'll know that there is one contestant who can't stop causing drama, also known as Luke P. also known as the most hated person on Twitter at the moment.

    Last week The Bachelorette powers that did that incredibly annoying super fun thing where they ended the episode without a rose ceremony, meaning that tonight's episode started right where episode four left off — with Luke P. and Luke S. in a fight.

    A letter recap, Luke S., Luke S., Luke S. "Lucky S." Lucky S. "decked" and "body slammed", says the contestants were playing a "friendly" game of rugby. I mean, Hannah did ask for "blood, sweat, and tears," so maybe Luke P. was just trying to deliver for the woman he claimed to be falling in love with after only spending like, two hours with her? Anyways, Luke P. also decided to tell Hannah that Luke S. was only on the show to promote his tequila brand (which he has never mentioned, VAT) and then did a whole bunch of other shady stuff that honestly I don t have the time / mental wherewithal to recap here.

    But then, TWIST: Right before the rose ceremony tonight, Luke S. pulls Hannah aside and peaces out. We don't tell him Hannah just why he's leaving, but he does say, "It's just hard for me to defend my character time and time again. who I'm talking about … just be wary. " And then Luke S. walks down the stairs and out of the building. Drama!

    So it looks like Luke S. was just fed up with Luke P.'s BS and wanted out. Before he left, Luke S. also says, "[Luke P. has] managed to make me look really, really bad" and "It's just crazy how quickly things changed for the worst." Oy.

    FWIW, it looks like Luke S. is totally about it now. I mean, this is what the man posted while the episode was airing tonight: Luke S. >>> Luke P., end of story!

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