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Why Angela Deem causes Michael Ilesanmi to sleep in his car after a heated argument

90-day hubby and its spinoffs are full of couples that fans can’t get enough of. But one of the most unique and memorable is really Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. During Season 3 of 90-day hubby: Before the 90 days, things get hot when Michael lies to Angela about being on a boat. Read on to learn how it escalates quickly and why Michael has to sleep in his car.

Angela gets upset when Michael lies about being on a boat

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | demangela via Instagram

Angela returns to Nigeria and at first it seems like they will have a wonderful time together. However, the trip has some roadblocks. Angela and Michael are planning a trip on a boat for Michael’s birthday celebration. Angela claims that Michael lied about having been on a boat before seeing a picture of Michael on a boat with a woman in the background. It leads to a big argument and Angela accuses him of lying.

Why Angela Deem makes Michael Ilesanmi sleep in his car after a hot argument

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Angela decides to go back to the hotel when things escalate. She explains that Michael lied about being at the dock and that she actually made him sleep in his car for the night. She kicked his stuff out of the hotel room and he sleeps in the car because she says he lied to her again.

Michael slept in the back seat without a shirt and it seems like he had a tough night. He splashes water on his face to wake up. “Last night, after I found my clothes in the corridor, I had to sleep in the car overnight,” Michael tells the cameras. “I wake up tomorrow and really hope that Angela is ready to talk to me. I understand that I lied to her, but hopefully she will forgive me. “

Things get even more explosive when Angela throws a cake in Michael’s face

However, things do not end there. Angela goes off to get her hair done, and Michael hopes they can talk about things. He gives her a cake because it made things better in the past. Angela actually decides to throw the cake at Michael. She opens the cake and smashes it on her face.

“There’s your cookie Michael,” Angela says as she walks away. Michael is clearly shocked and embarrassed by the events. It is hard to believe that they are a happy couple when things can get so bad so quickly between them.

Angela and Michael are known for their arguments

Angela and Michael are no strangers to conflict in their relationship. Although it must be stressful to meet someone in another country and not be able to see them every day, these two have a lot to work with. Hopefully they can make it and come out on the other side things stronger than before. However, no more cookies throw please.

Check back for the latest information on Angela and Michael’s unique relationship.

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