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Why Aeromexico took 5 hours to plan off

OAKLAND – It turns out that the Aeromexico flight from hell that disappeared at the Oakland airport asphalt for almost five hours on Thursday, as sweaty passengers fainted, cried and screamed for help, could have been avoided.

After flight 662 was diverted to Oakland from San Francisco due to fog, Oakland International Airport officials quickly offered a gate for the park to park, but the flight crew pulled it down. The pilot told the airport officials that he planned to keep aboard people, quickly refuel and fly to SFO so that the plane could return to Guadalajara later in the afternoon, according to a source familiar with the incident.

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Boeing 737 wrapped parked on the asphalt for almost five hours – possibly violating federal passenger laws – with conditions inside rapidly deteriorating. With no air conditioning, water or food, the passengers were chilled with newspapers, crying, screaming and eating what they could find in carrying bags. As the hours wore some rang 911, passengers advocate, and friends and family desperately go off the plane. Two men were imprisoned after being "unfair", a woman wearing an oxygen mask was helped by the plane, and at least four passengers requested medical help when they did so, said the source.

Aeromexico officials did not respond Friday to a request for comment.

Discussions on air traffic control with Aeromexico pilot, reviewed by the Bay Area News Group, indicate the flight crew's requested help from the municipalities of 1:44 Thursday said angry passengers formed groups and accused the pilot of lying to them. Copies of 911 bands of two calls also indicate desperate passengers weighing what punishment they can get to open the doors and explain that a woman went out and another had an anxiety attack.

"I mean how long it takes to just postpone the case and check our passports when we get off the ground? I mean we have kids here," an exasperated man told an Alameda County dispatcher in a 911 call from planet. "What will happen to me when I open the door? I bet it would be illegal if I left an international flight."

Another woman also called 911 to explain the difficult situation.

"We have someone on this flight that passed. We have not been released by this flight for over four hours and they do nothing, the woman said." Someone passed in the back and there is another just at the emergency exit like panic and hyperventilate . "

At the same time, the pilot launched the control tower to express his frustration.

" The passengers are really upset because two hours ago they said we are lying to them – that San Francisco (airport) was never closed, the pilot said at the beginning of a two minute rant to a controller.

The pilot explained that two passengers had threatened the crew.

"A special, that he will do something if we do not fly the plane in 10 minutes," said the pilot. "He should, I don't know what and he would open doors and just threatened the cabin crew's life."

He explained how he told passengers four times how he could not open the doors because it would violate the regulations.

"But they don't believe. They said I'm lying. This guy said I'm lying to them and he's doing groups here. So we have many things going on here," said the pilot.

The board said that the deputies listened to his wishes.

"I really appreciate your help because it makes it worse and worse and worse," said the pilot.

The incident began with low fog at the San Francisco International Airport earlier Thursday morning. At 10:15 am, a controller working to set up aircraft on the SFO Aeromexico flight asked for his minimum runway display interval and was told by the pilot that it was 1,800 feet. The fog had sunk sighting down to 1200 meters and the pilot said he was low on fuel and could not circle until the weather cleared, so he was diverted to Oakland Airport, according to air traffic radio recordings.

The plane landed and was offered a gate – which would have provided air conditioning for passengers – but the pilot subsided as the plane planned to return to Guadalajara at 12:25, according to the source. That flight was eventually interrupted. Oakland Airport received seven other SFO fog-related rebuilds on Thursday without any problems, the source said.

For husband passenger Jaime Quirarte and Erin Morgan, San Francisco, who returned from a family visit to Mexico, hearing the real reason why the plan did not come out quickly at Oakland Airport left them "speechless".

"Obviously, they are putting money and business over the passengers' health and safety," Morgan said. "We were really treated like luggage, not as humans. We are quite astonished."

Although the plane had pulled up to a gate, it would still have had to wait for customs officials who did not lapse at the airport until noon, when The first scheduled international flight landed,

After a couple of hours, the crew told Oakland Airport officials that they expected to be on the ground another two hours before they could get out of San Francisco, the source said, which would double the four-hour maximum set of Passenger's billing rights for international flights at US airports.

The airport was fully staffed and prepared to accommodate the extraordinary flight and process of passenger planning, although Aeromexico was a visiting – not regular airline in Oakland and although Arrival was unplanned.

Oakland airport spokesman Keonnis Taylor said the decision to stay on an aircraft or to resign lies strictly between the airline and the US Customs and Border Protection for internal

"This is done regularly, and (Oakland airport) staff were available and eager to help, which they did exceptionally, in view of the various aspects of the accident, including law enforcement and emergency care, "she said. 19659002] It is unclear whether the Department of Transportation or the Federal Aviation Administration will investigate, said FAA spokesman Gregory Martin. A passenger advocacy group said that the department handling such requests is closed due to federal government cessation.

With 182 passengers on board and fines of up to $ 27,000 per severed passenger, Aeromexico can face nearly $ 5 million in fines if found to have violated the rules.

Alameda County Sheriff's deputies first warned a passenger threatening to open the airliner shortly before midnight. 13.30, according to Sgt. Ray Kelly. A sergeant requested buses if passengers forced themselves from the plane when deputies arrived.

Dispatchers received two 911 calls from the plane. One of a man who said he would open the planet's door and another who reported that a woman had fainted, Kelly said.

An air traffic controller inquired about the aircraft about the aircraft how to assess the threat level of aircraft from 1 to 5. According to the FAA, a 4 is the highest threat, meaning an "attempted or actual breach of the deck."

"If a 3 or 4 because the passenger is … just threatened the flight attendant in the front door, he is trying to get into the cockpit," the pilot reported. "We really need to open the door of the door … We have a real problem, a big problem in here."

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