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Who is David Tepper? Five things to know about the future owner of the Carolina Panthers

It's only days or weeks until Jerry Richardson officially sells Carolina Panthers for about $ 2.2 billion reported by CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora this week.

"" Incredibly comfortable "with Panthers general manager Marty Hurney and coach Ron Rivera, David Tepper is the man to hold the team pending approval of the remaining 31

NFL owners at the league meetings 22-23 May.

But who exactly are Carpets? What has he done before barking out more than $ 2 billion – in cash, apparently – to take over Richardson's franchise?

Here are some great things to know:

] He has lots of money

It's a prerequisite for buying an NFL team, but Teppers reported purchases are almost a whole billion dollars more than Tim and Kerry Pegula paid for Buffalo Bills 2014. He studied economics at the University of Pittsburgh then earned his master's degree in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon before a career in economics – a journey involving recruitment from Goldman Sachs and repeated appearances on Forbes's list of highest in deputy hedge fund manager (he is the founder of Appaloosa Management, one of the world's most prominent hedge funds). Starting in 2017, he had a Forbes estimated net worth of $ 11.4 billion, and was named by Bloomberg the richest person in New Jersey.

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He has lots of confidence

Money sometimes does, but Teppers track record shows it in his case. As the Wall Street Journal once reported, he orchestrated something like $ 7 billion in the hedge fund's 2009 earnings by investing in unnecessary shares and claiming its recoveries. And he has been famous for holding a pair of brass balls on his desk. Literally.

He is from the east coast

Carpets have no open relationship with Carolinas, where he will rule the highest as the new boss of the panther, but he has a handful of bands in the East Coast. He was born in Pittsburgh, lived in New Jersey for more than 20 years and has since settled in Miami Beach, Florida, where he does not have to worry about personal income tax.

He has a little NFL ownership experience [19659006] Now 60 years old, Tepper has never owned a NFL team by himself, but has been invested in his hometown of Pittsburgh Steelers since 2009, when he bought a share of five percent in the franchise. As CBS Sports & # 39; Will Brinson noted it means that "he has already been perceived by the league as qualifying as owner … although Tepper (still) must refrain from ownership of his Steelers , much the same as Jimmy Haslam did when he bought Browns. "

He is not on Donald Trump's page

This is only relevant given that US President exhausted more tweets on His disdain for peaceful protesting NFL players than, yes, everything else during an increase in the fall. While Tepper has economically backed Republican candidates as recently as the 2016 election, he has also been on record to call Trump a "demented narcissistic scumbag". That means he probably will not head to the president when it comes to calling NFL "soft" to add security measures or demand that his team players stay out of social activism.

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