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Who did the Patriots agree on financial complaints?

The New England Patriots have come to terms with the financial grievances they face with wide receiver Antonio Brown and late tight end Aaron Hernandez, according to a report.


The Patriots owe receiver Brown $ 9 million, and as part of the settlement, he will instead receive $ 5 million per source.

… In addition to the $ 4 million loan on Patriots cap, the club received a $ 2.55 million credit after settling a long-term compensation belief with Sen. Hernandez per sources.

The settlements generated $ 6.55 million in capacity space, giving the team an available $ 7.79 million. Before settlements, the Patriots had the least capacity in the league.

As for Hernandez, released in January 201

3, compensation was requested for the final payment of his signing bonus ($ 3.25 million), his base salary in 2013 ($ 1.32 million), his base salary in 2014 ($ 1.14 million) and his training bonus ($ 500,000). He was released in January 2013.

Hernandez committed suicide in prison in April 2017. He served a life sentence for murder in the first degree of Odin Lloyd, after being sentenced on April 15, 2015.

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