The International Space Station will be visible in the night sky five times this weekend, a total of 17 minutes, according to NASA.

According to NASA's "spot the station" locator, the station will appear on Cincinnati's sky at the following times this weekend September 20-22:

  • Friday at 19:58 for five minutes
  • Friday at . 09.36 for one minute
  • Saturday at. 08.47 for four minutes
  • Sunday 22 at 19:58 for five minutes
  • Sunday 22 at 9:36 p.m. for two minutes

Where do I see?

Big question. And get out your protractor because low-level geometry is involved in the answer.

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The horizon is considered zero degrees, and the direct overhead is 90 degrees. According to NASA, if you keep your fist at arm's length resting on the horizon, the top of your fist is at about 10 degrees.

Using the above as a guide, you can find the International Space Station at the following locations during their respective times this weekend:

  • Friday at. 19:58: South between 10 and 16 degrees
  • Friday at. 21.36: Northwest between 24 and 28 degrees
  • Saturday: At first west at 30 degrees and then northeast at 12 degrees
  • Sunday at 19:58: First southwest at 19 degrees and then northeast at 11 degrees
  • Sunday at 21:36: Northwest and then north at 14 degrees

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