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When it comes to backup plans, Trey Lyles is not a horrible one for Spurs

The short but uncomfortable Marcus Morris saga has reached its conclusion. Either Spurs hit the offer as they had extended Morris or he accepted a new one from Knicks, depending on who you believe. The end result is the same.

When Morris went to New York, Spursna acted quickly and previously signed Nugget Trey Lyles for a two-year contract, with only the first year fully guaranteed. As far as possible, the result for a clearly poor situation, ending with a 23-year-old forward power with no untapped potential is not bad.

If nothing else, Lyles Spursna gives another young piece to invest. But while hope is always welcome, anyone who assumes he will be a quality contributor directly from the bat should temper their expectations.

Lyle has simply not been good in her young NBA career. In just four years in the league, he has fallen into the trap with both the jazz, which originally worked out the 1

2th overall, and the Nuggets, high enough on their potential to trade the first round that would be Donovan Mitchell to get him. It is difficult to blame a team because both actually got much better with Lyle out of the rotation, which at least partly pushed their ascent to the top layer of the West.

The improvement both jazz and nuggets had without him at the defensive end was remarkable. Clearly Lyle's alone did not respond to the rise and defensive ratings could be a loud state, but the fact that two respected defense-first coaches like Quin Snyder and Michael Malone thought he was not good enough to be part of his team tells About was a dubious or situational defender but an excellent offensive player would have Lyle's obvious value, but that has not been the case. He has been extremely inconsistent and has failed to develop the perimeter skills that got him made in the lottery. There is also at least some evidence to suggest that he may not be the most committed and mature player in the league, which may explain why his career has been rocky so far.

There are many reasons that explain why Lyle was still around this late in the free agency, but only one is necessary to justify why Spurs decided to take a flyer on him. In spite of their struggles, 6 forward 10 remains an exciting future. He just needs a part of his game to click to get the rest of his skill to shine: a reliable three-point shot.

Being a credible outside threat would do wonders for Lyle's chances of not only breaking the rotation out of necessity, but becoming part of San Antonio's future. He shot a cruel 25 percent on three pointers last year, but he made 39 percent of his attempts from deep in the 2017/18 season, showing he is not a lost thing in that area. His mediocre percentage on free throws signals less than a stellar touch, but he would only have to be a credible threat as a spot-up shooter to be a valuable alternative to attacking closeouts. Lyles hasn't lived up to her reputation as coming out of college as a point forward, but his percentage of assistance has improved over the years. He can make simple readings and is a decent finisher on the rim when he gets past his husband. Lyle tools are a quality rotation piece, if the shot is improved.

Although a big leap does not come, Lyle may be helpful as a one-year stopfield as long as he tries hard on defense, is not afraid to pull the trigger when he is open, and proves adept at exploiting improper matches. That's what Spurs tried to get from Morris and what they will certainly welcome from their latest addition of 15 to 20 minutes, he will probably be at the court. Lyles is a definite downgrade over San Antonio's original free agent target and also the recently traded Davis Bertans, but as long as he's better than Dante Cunningham was last season, the Spurs would be good. As soon as it became clear that Morris probably leaned on going to Knicks, San Antonio's chances disappeared much better on the front. Lyles can potentially flower, but even if he is just a viable deep alternative to Rudy Gay and DeMarre Carroll, signing will be helpful.

To not do anything, Spursna lost Morris and had to swing at a time when all of the note was gone. Under these circumstances, their decision to play on a nearly 24-year-old is with some bad habits but the potential commendable. Lyles has not been consistently good, but players who have been are simply not available late in the free agency for cheap.

Lyles and Spurs are not a perfect fit or probably each other's first option, but that doesn't mean their partnership can't work. Morris saga, as frustrating as it was, could have a satisfying end to everyone involved.

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