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What's on TV Monday: Emmy Awards and an Emmy for Megan & # 39;

Watch Primetime Emmys on NBC, and stay up to date for the IFC's anti-program, "An Emmy for Megan."

What's on TV

70th PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS 8 p.m. at the NBC. Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Ankar Colin Jost and Michael Che hosted this year's ceremony. There is a lot to watch out for: Will "Thrones Game", leading 22 nominations, beat "The Handmaid's Tale" for best drama? With Julia Louis-Dreyfus out of the wheel, who will take home the best actor comedy award? And will Sean Spicer make another surprise look? If you have not jumped on the breeds, read our roundup on the most anticipated results.

SACRED SITES 8 pm at Smithsonian. This second season finale examines how the subsequent defeat of Germany in World War I spread the Nazi party myths to prove that the Aries – their term for white Christian Europeans – came down from the mythological countries of Atlantis. Headed by Heinrich Himmler, one of the foremost orchestrators in the Holocaust, a team of archaeologists sat to investigate old places and doubtfully claim their link to the so-called aries.

ELEMENTARY 10 p.m. at CBS. A murder investigation puts the yin-and-yang partnership between Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) on the test in this sixth season finale.

POV: 93QUEEN (2018) ] 10 pm on PBS (check local lists). This documentary traces the formation of Ezra's Nashim, a whole female E.M.S. Corps in Borough Park, Brooklyn. All women are orthodox Jews who have been excluded from the district's mandatory ambulance corps. Despite an immediate backlash and religious ban that complicates her job, the women stand their mark.

A EMMY FOR MEGAN 11 pm at IFC. The author and producer Megan Amram ("The Good Place", "Parks and Recreation") meets the minimum requirements for an outstanding actress in a short form of comedy or drama series Emmy nomination in this web series . She submitted the show just in time for the deadline, received two nominations, but lost on Creative Emmy's last weekend. Win or no win, IFC sends "An Emmy to Megan" after Emmys hits. (A Honorable Mrs Amram has been assured that she will return for a second attempt.)

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