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What was it? Early morning SpaceX launches scares, leaks …

MIAMI – Former rising South Florida residents looked up at dawn on Friday and saw what was thought of as a UFO.

PHOTOS: UFO's? No, just a SpaceX launch across South Florida

Local 10 was overwhelmed with conversations and emails about the strange object seen over most Miami-Dade and Broward. Some asked if the end of the world was close and if an extraterrestrial occupation began

Well, what they saw was really a spacecraft, but no reason to call Will Smith because there was no immigrant invasion.

The mysterious lights were actually from a SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral.

At 5:42 AM, SpaceX broadcast its Falcon 9 rockets on a mission to the International Space Station. Raketen, together with the company's Dragon capsule, is expected to come to ISS on Monday.

Space.com reports that the majority of the material aboard the rocket is scientific matter; about 3 874 lbs. The value of the gear to be exact.

The report also says a new experiment to "determine whether microcultural cells can act as a model to assess the effectiveness of some cancer treatment drugs" was also sent to space.

So no need to worry, South Florida. The only invasion of our society remains the snowbirds that go down in the winter.

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