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What Points to Remember When Purchasing an Engagement Ring as a Jeweler


Buying an engagement ring could easily be the first time you have bought a woman’s jewelry. It’s natural to be nervous about getting right. You need it to be the statement piece that says I love you and please be my wife. Stay focused on why you are buying the ring. You are signaling to everyone that it is your intention to marry the woman you are giving it too. That’s not the sort of thing a guy does every day so making a purchase is taking a step into the unknown. Perhaps a few pointers can help.

Don’t Worry If Not Sure about Style

There is nothing wrong with being confused about the best diamond setting for you. Some people think that it is important to have a set look in mind for the engagement ring you want, but that is not true. What is important is to have an open mind while checking out options. With an open mind, you will eventually be able to spot your forever ring.

Similarly, it is a good idea to not worry about having a set grade of diamond in mind. You will be better off comparing a few side-by-side to determine which one is better. Online jewelry shops can also help in this regard, and a great option is checked well Baltimore jeweler like Nelson Coleman Baltimore , as they are willing to guide you when looking for your engagement ring.


7;t Put Your Focus on the Size of the Diamond

Again, it is a misconception that your ring is only impressive when it carries a large diamond. Instead of paying attention to the size of the stone, you should be more concerned about how they have been designed and set onto the ring. Remember, carat size has its importance, but don’t go overboard with the idea of finding a large diamond that you’ve seen celebrities sporting. Two diamonds may have the same grade, but they are never going to look the same. Therefore, it is better to take your time and pick a diamond for its beauty, not the size.

Don’t Feel Shy for Trying Other Stones

Diamonds are forever, and surely have their place, but sometimes, you can get a beautiful ring with other stones. Rings with natural color gemstones and sapphires are becoming increasingly popular these days. By opting for these gemstones, you will be able to personalize your ring to have a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Don’t Focus a Lot on Setting

Again, it is important to check the setting of your engagement ring because that plays a big role in its beauty, but don’t become confused when making a purchase. It is possible to have stones reset anytime if you use a good jeweler.

Whether you go for traditional diamond or sapphires, emeralds or rubies the beauty of the stone is enhanced by its setting. It’s how the rings look overall, not its the monetary value that will impress when she proudly shows it off to family friends. You know your girl better than most so listen to what your instincts tell you. It may not be the ring of her dreams exactly but the chances are you won’t get the choice far wrong and remember it’s what giving her a ring means that really matters and that’s what she’ll be thinking about, not whether the diamond should be a few more carats.