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What is Ikea, Sirji? Hyderabad gets crazy over the first India store

With the opening of the first Ikea store in India on August 9, Hyderabad was in a position

To understand what Ikea's entry into India is changing, you only need to go to one of these DIY (do it yourself) videos on Facebook. The number of views on each of these DIY home videos is a story telling. People love DIY. People want to do things themselves. And in countries where Ikea has established itself, it is the only option for people. In countries in the West, you will hardly find a carpenter who spends a month in your place, build your dream home for you, wooden blocks with new wooden blocks.

Ikea do things yourself. The assembly is easy and fun. But that is not why the Swedish brand will make people in India crazy. The Hyderabad store on Thursday saw scenes directly from the pandemonium as people shook each other to hurry into the store. Everyone wants the first bite of Ikea. Everyone wants to tell their friends and boast Facebook that they were in the Ikea store when they entered India.

So why is it so big a deal?


When 1

7-year-old Ingvar Kamprad founded the Ikea brand in 1943, he knew that it would take over the world over the next decades. Kamprad continued to be one of the world's ten richest people (Forbes) in 2015, worth more than 40 billion dollars (that's Rs 2,75,620 crore). The company has only grown since then.

Kamprad is named its company IKEA after its own initials, "E & # 39; of Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up) and & # 39; A & # 39; by Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland) 19659003] Ikea began as a mail order sales business. Five years later, it entered the furniture market. Kampard opened the first furniture store in Almhult, Småland in 1958. In 2017, the brand owned and operated 415 stores in 49 countries. Its presence in developing countries is still sparse.

12 YEARS Awaiting Entering India

It took Ikea 12 long years to enter the Indian market. Photo: Reuters

In 2006, Ikea first showed interest in the Indian market. However, Indian laws back in 2006 allowed only 51 percent foreign owners and foreign individual brand dealers had to have a local partner to be able to work in India. Ikea moved his focus elsewhere.

In January 2012, the government abandons government against foreign individual brand dealers who require a local partner for companies in India, enabling global companies like Ikea to open a shop in the country. A few months later, in June 2012, the government says that Ikea can invest $ 700 million in India.

In November 2012, the Foreign Investment Agency will send its green signal to Ikea to open stores in India.

Ikea buys land in Mumbai in 2016 and says it plans to open stores in Delhi and Bengaluru as well. Ikea announces in September 2016 that it has begun to build its first store in India in Hyderabad.

And two years later, we now have the Hyderabad store open and functional with an eye on the Indian market. [19659016] The company is now planning 25 stores in India by 2025.

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What's so special about IKEA?

Why is Ikea so special? Question that has crossed many Indian senses ever since the brand announced the opening of shops in the country. The Indian market has never seen anything like an Ikea store. The store is a real city on its own. There are places to relax, there are children's playgrounds and there are restaurants catering for customers from 10 am to 11 am at night.

Why? Because visiting a Ikea store, the victims probably require a full day (or more). In the west, people stay for a while in a row to mount their own furniture. The process is easy. And funny. And while adults do furniture making, the children make a trip to Småland. It is a family picnic of varieties.

The Ikea catalog is exhaustive and offers a variety of furniture, as well as mattresses and kitchen appliances. At the Hyderabad store, Day 1 saw the sale of mattresses with everything!

Do it yourself: the difference

So when you finally finish your trip to the Ikea store and have purchased thousands of thousands of furniture, it's (simple!) A task to do it yourself. To assemble the furniture. While we Indians can find blasphemically to mount our own furniture – come and think of it, even a Flip Card or Pepper Free must send a mounting home to assemble what we deliver at home. Thus Ikea works.

To date, all major brands, furniture stores in the black shopping malls we've seen in the country, all about finished furniture. But the Ikea stores in India are likely to change the reliability we have on others for our basic work.


Inside the Ikea Restaurant in Hyderabad Store on Day 1. Photo: Reuters

Visiting an Ikea store is a day trip in itself. The stores are huge – big, imagine 13 acres (the road bigger than your biggest shopping malls in the country). The largest mall in NCR, such as DLF Mall of India, is approximately 6 acres. The Ikea stores are never in the city. They are far from the capital because of the spacious availability of space.

The Ikea stores are then equipped with children's playgrounds (called Småland after Ikea's founder Ingvar Kamprad's home in Sweden). The Ikea restaurant offers 50 percent Swedish fare at the Hyderabad store in addition to the usual range of food. When you are in the store, you hardly have time to get out and explore the surroundings. a) You would not need to; b) You would not know how. Food, games and shopping; Everything is taken care of within the four walls of the Ikea stores.

You do not go to Ikea to just shop. You eat there, you spend a day there and if it's too loud at home you can go and have a nap there. Yes. Ikea is an experience, not just a store! (The author tweets as @ ananya116)

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