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What did Alicia & Charlie watch "Fear the Walking Dead"? They have finally found what they need to continue

Spoilers forward for September 16 episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Good news may have come on Fear The Walking Dead . But in the great tradition of the AMC franchise, they get good news in the form of a cliff hanger. What does Alicia and Charlie look at Fear The Walking Dead ? Their new source of hope is a lesser mystery.

At the end of the episode, Alicia and Charlie cross Texas to find a nice and relaxing beach day. While they are still hundreds of miles from large bodies of water, they come across a flood area that Charlie declares "counted" like the beach enough for her. Then they look at a distance that lights up their faces. What is it? The two characters want different things at this moment, so their split excitement is exciting. Something, or someone, comes to help them.

The background to Martha, the former English teacher and post-apocalyptic serial killer who terrorizes the rest of the group in Season 4, reveals whether "help" is worth a theme this season on Fear The Walking Kill . Martha has taken a "no good deed go unpunished" attitude to an extreme. After no one helped her hurt her, she lost her soul in isolation and finally killed the good people behind the livelihoods. (We will never know who is right behind these boxes, are we? All of whom Morgan and the others encounter have either exploited or sabotaged this altruistic operation.)

Martha's "no help" vendetta and Morgan try to help his second survivors by taking them to Alexandria is mirrored by Alicia and Charlie's story, several milestones on the way. Charlie wants to find and help the adults. Alicia thinks they'd be better off helping each other. Taking Charlie to see the beach for the first time is something she can do, and for now she believes it's enough.

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So what did they notice on the horizon that lifted both their spirits and ended their argument of what they would do next? It was surprising and not much noise. So, probably not a person or a dolphin package.

Did they find a boat? Fear The Walking Dead has spent a significant time on the big ocean, especially in season 2. It would be good to see them return to these roots.

Maybe it was John Dory's fleet as they saw. The hat that Charlie finds looks very like his. Strand is also with John, heading towards an island. So in theory the two girls could go to the beach and reunite with their former survivors. It would explain why they both were so happy to see what it was like they saw.

Ryan Green / AMC

Compositions like what seems impossible in a state like Texas are just a little more credible at the end of the world. The fewer people live, the more likely you are to encounter someone you have already met. It's always good for morals when groups will merge Fear The Walking Dead . Villagers like Martha may seem to be alone and ruthlessly murdered to make it happen, but survivors need each other. Unless the missing hat of course indicates that something bad happened to John, it seems like another happy reunion is in store.

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