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What critics say about Seth Rogen’s film

– Seth Rogen is on double duty in An American pickle, a story about family and heritage from the first time director Brandon Trost and author Simon Rich, on whose short story the film is based. It premieres on HBO Max and follows an early 20th-century Polish-Jewish immigrant and employee of the pickle factory who falls into a saltwater water and appears perfectly preserved in today’s Brooklyn, where his grandson resides. Critics are usually on board, giving the film 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. Four tar:

  • “Sometimes a logically indefensible premise is the only thing that makes life seem logical,”
    ; writes Stephanie Zacharek. She calls the film “delightful”, largely because of Rogen. He “has a great sense of Jewish humor, of its sloping rhythms and its joy, but also of its gloom,” and he “can carry the more serious threads of the film as well,” she writes on Time.
  • “It’s fun to see him flex and stretch acting towards himself. He’s not getting enough credit for his more serious twists and this is a nice show overall,” Lindsey Bahr wrote on AP. She gives the film 2.5 stars out of four, and argues that it has “some good gags and a good amount of heart” even though “the kind-hearted distortion from millennial DIY cultures feels a bit dated.”
  • However, Richard Brody was not amused. “Rogen’s comic career has been dominated by an ethical focus, even an ethical obsession, which in the desire to convey good values ​​with good humor has lost its spice, its risk, its sense of human problems,” he writes on New York-bo. “As a result, his comedy has been filtered and replaced a broad vision and the possibility of wild emotions and loose impulses with schticky tropes.”
  • The film has a strong start, but then makes an effort, according to Brian Lowry. “A decrepit Jew … [is] forced to regard his inheritance through his exposure to his ancestor, a piety. “The film is simply too scattered, though, to do much of it, or actually settle on a consistent tone and stick to its threads,” he writes on CNN. ” In the process, the film mostly scrubs a rather impressive performance of Rogen “.

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