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What are the Most Popular Casinos in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas casinos are famous for many reasons. Some are known for their lavish hotel services while others stand out for their floors. So, before you visit a casino based on its popularity, determine what you want to do in Sin City.

If you are visiting Vegas to play poker, find a casino famous for its table games. If you want to get the experience of a lifetime, break the bank to stay at some of the most lavish hotel rooms in Vegas Casinos.

That said, we’ve curated the list below to help you find the best casino for different services.

Most Popular Casino to play Slots: ARIA

Slot machines are the most beginner-friendly games at casinos. They are exciting and attractive with their tuneful soundtracks and flickering lights. What̵

7;s more, a slot machine can turn you into a millionaire on your lucky day.

Against that backdrop, ARIA Las Vegas features over 2000 slot machines. Some of the games have limits as low as ten cents. But if you are a high roller, ensure you visit the high-limit room where you can bet up to $5000 per spin.

With such an extensive game library, you can be confident you’ll always find an open machine in ARIA. Again, you can find a broad variety of games that range from classics and video slots to 3D games and Hollywood-themed machines.

Most Popular Casino for poker: Bellagio

Nearly all casinos in Vegas provide poker games, but none of them is as popular with poker fans as Bellagio. Sure, the iconic casino is one of the most attractive buildings in the strip. Its fountains are famous worldwide, anyway and Hollywood has a penchant for filming around the establishment.

Inside the Bellagio is what you would expect from a five-star casino. From the tables and chairs to the floors and walls, the casino looks grand. The poker room, in particular, looks like an exclusive VIP section.

Yet the poker room is open to everyone who loves Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Three-stud poker and all other variations of the game. Visit the VIP section and you can be confident you’ll find a few famous faces.

Most Popular Casino for Non-Gambling Fun: MGM Grand

MGM Grand is one of the largest casinos in Vegas by property size, number of rooms and the availability of fun activities. You can swim in its six-acre pool or party in its adults-only areas.

You can relax in your hotel room or visit the billiards room. There are more shops like spas, fitness centres and entertainment halls. Similar to ARIA, MGM Grand provides an exceedingly large game library. However, the casino is large and that means games are scattered in enormous halls.

Of course, that’s a bit exhausting. You could walk for fifteen to twenty minutes before you find a good slot. By comparison, an online platform like Cool Cat Casino provides hundreds of games in one lobby. All you need is to search or scroll through the site.

Most Popular Casino among Foodies: The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the unofficial headquarters posh restaurants in Sin City. It converges dozens of world-class chefs who prepare cuisines from all parts of the world. Some of the restaurants are:

  • Beauty and Essex
  • Blue Ribbon
  • China Poblano
  • The Henry

There are more dining areas in the casino. So, figure out what dishes you want to eat while in Vegas and book the right restaurant. E by Jose Andres, for example, serves Mexican and Chinese cuisines.

By contrast, the Henry serves American foods. EGGSLUT, as the name suggests, specializes in foods that feature eggs.

Most Popular Casino for Sports Betting: Caesars Palace

The sports booking floor in Caesars Palace is nearly as large as MGM Grand’s casino floors. It’s 15,580 square foot to be precise and offers a betting paradise graced by a 138-foot video wall and a live betting board.

To spice things up, Caesars Palace now has restaurants, comfy chairs and bars to entertain revellers. It also uses an app to make things easy whether you want to find betting odds or to order food.

With Caesars android and iOS apps in place, you don’t have to visit the casino to place a bet. But considering its elegant gaming room, you might want to give the casino a visit.

Most popular Casino for Table Games: Golden Nugget

Bellagio is famous for its stylish poker tables. But if you are a fan of multiple types of table games, head on to the Golden Nugget Casino. It’s a swanky establishment that also loves to try out new games.

Precisely, the casino introduces types of blackjack or poker games most people have never heard of before. An excellent example is its Free Bet game, an unpopular blackjack variation that offers high payouts when you win but treats a 22 by the dealer as a draw.

Golden Nugget has tables arranged both indoors and by the pool. So, if you get tired of crowds or want to relax outdoors but still play roulette, head to the pool section. Of course, ensure you keep your money away from the pools.

Most popular casino for views: Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

Part of the Las Vegas casino is to view all the best places in the city. That said, Stratosphere Casino is the best place to go if you want to watch sin city from a rooftop.

It hosts the tallest structure in the city—a tower used to observe Vegas, eat from a rotating restaurant or test your fear factor skills from the highest Sky jump in the world. There are also thrill rides and a bar located above 1,000 feet

Once you finish viewing Las Vegas from the tower, ensure you visit the rest of the casino. You can check out the adults-only pool on the 25th floor or check out the casino to play slots and table games.

If you have your kids around, though, consider visiting Circus, Circus Casino. It’s suited to entertain people of all ages with its carnival games, restaurants and concerts.