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What 2020 Holds In Store for the Live Casino Games


Casino games need no introduction. Everyone wants to definitely try their luck at least once on the casino table. No matter how unlucky you have been feeling, winning a game on the table simply makes the day. However, it is not always feasible to spend your day in a casino. The live casino games come to rescue here. 

That is undoubtedly the best gift that technology has ever given to professional bettors. You can bet, play and win a game live from the comfort of your couch. The best part is that the setup is absolutely real with real dealers, tables, noise, excitement, and other players!

Types of live casino games

The live casino games are the same as those in the casinos. The most popular ones are poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The rules, setup and all other stuff are exactly the same as you would do physically in a casino table. There are not any hidden rules or terms and many casinos have even broadcast streaming partners that allow the seamless experience to their patrons and the real, physical casino tables hosted by a real-life dealers

Many casinos even sell exclusive broadcasting rights. So you can be sure of uninterrupted service and utmost experience. However, the casino owners do know the fact that the table casino games need to be modified to suit the gen Y that has grown up playing these on the digital platform. 

You cannot fool them around with the same old tricks. So many casino owners and also the digital casino owners are experimenting with interesting games to capture this untapped market. The games are designed keeping in mind their extreme familiarity with the technology and also the trend. 

These games have different entry levels where they can bet even using virtual money. If someone wants to play without putting in actual money, they can do that also. Many digital platforms give away big rewards to attract more players.

What attracts people?

Casino games have always attracted people no matter how old you are or where you live. The live casino games have added comfort to the adrenaline rush of the game. Earlier, you cannot even dream of betting on a table in Las Vegas on a weekday with hectic pending work in an office. But the live streaming games allow users to do it from the comfort of their bed and laptop. 

Another attractive thing about these games is that the set up is completely real. No robots or animations but real people. You actually get the feel of casino minus the waiters and cigar smokers. In fact, in the tense moments, your counterparts will even scream and you can hear it!

The real set up is accompanied by a user-friendly interface of the live casino games. You can use it on your iPhone or Android phones without any technical glitches. The software will not lag. The best part is that you do not lose on the account of weak connectivity. In fact, the table gives you enough time to decide and put forth your stance. 

Many people fear that live casino games have some underlying cheating agenda. That is not the case. In the crucial moments, the gaming website even zooms in to the dealer. You can experience live streaming of cards being shuffled, distributed and bets placed. The games are absolutely legit and just as fun as the real physical casino tables hosted by a real life dealer!

Why is 2020 so much hyped in live casino games?

The new decade is here. Obviously, the card games and casino are on their all-time high. Lots of people throng the casinos to try their luck in the New Year. But what is the buzz around the year 2020? We dug deeper and came up with interesting facts.

  • More and more casinos are going to go for the cryptocurrencies. That is big news for those who want to withhold their identity either due to the laws of the land or due to personal reasons. Many people do not want to reveal that they are putting their money in the casinos. They may face the wrath of their family or even religion. Many places have a ban on physical casinos. 


So people of these areas cannot play unless they keep their identity secret. Cryptocurrencies allow this to be kept obscure. No matter who you are, you can now enjoy the casino games in the digital platform using digital currency. Isn̵

7;t that great?


  • VR or virtual-reality based games are going to make an entry this year. Already this has been done by Net Entertainment for their casino games and has proved their success rate. Users are impatient to get more games using the technology.


  • Smartwatches are going to be another gaming factor this year. Laptops and mobile phones are already an integral part of the live casino games. Smartwatches are sure to make an entry this year. Different brands are investing heavily in technology and innovation to make smartwatches just as efficient as mobile phones.


 Once these watches are able to support the gaming apps, there is no looking back. People can bet while jogging. It is going to change the face of the game and people’s engagement.

Fun facts

  • February 29 is considered as one of the most successful days to put money on the table.
  • The world’s largest slot machine is named Super Big Bertha and has 8 reel pokies.
  • The roulette wheel is also called the devil’s wheel. That is because all the numbers on the wheel equal 666 which are considered an ominous number in the west.
  • Live casino game is more popular among men than women. Of all the players worldwide, a whopping 84% are men.
  • Monaco has a large number of casinos that are famous in the elite class. But the Monaco government bans its citizens from betting in the casinos on their land. So a foreigner can bet in a casino in Monte Carlo but not a citizen.