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‘We’re on the rise:’ Orange County sees ‘significant increase’ in cases of coronavirus

ORANGE COUNTRY, Fla. – As is the case with the rest of the state, Orange County is seeing more and more COVID-19 patients with the number striking a height that the area has not seen in weeks.

Director of the Orange County Department of Health Raul Pino divided the figures with the help of charts and graphs that illustrate where we are versus where we were in the weeks before dating to about May 4th.

As of Thursday, Orange County has had 2,678 cases since the virus was first detected here in March, according to data from the Florida Department of Health.

Right now, during week 24 of the year, the incidence per 1

00,000 is 24.1, which is the highest area seen since the pandemic began. The previous record was an incident rate of 21.4 positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people during the week of March 23.

“We’re on our way up, there’s no other way to describe it,” Pino said.

The daily case for Wednesday also increased noticeably from the days before.

“You see how we have slowly increased our number to the day today that we have seen a significant increase with respect to the previous days. It is also something we look at and take into account, ”Pino said.

He noted that 21% of newly diagnosed diagnoses have been asymptomatic, which is about twice as much as it once was, half of the new cases are people between 20 and 40, and the median patient age in Orange County is 32.5, which is lower than the state average of 41.

That may explain why hospital admissions have not seen a significant increase despite inclusion in cases, according to Pino.

While the upward trend pertains, Pino said that the overall rate of positivity remains low at 3.57%.

He also said that the county’s targeted strategy to search for infected individuals by doing expansive tests where outbreaks are detected may be another reason why cases are climbing.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said the figures prove the pandemic is not over and residents can’t let their guard down.

“We have no problem yet, we don’t want a problem,” Demings said.

He reminded residents to wear masks, social distances and practice good hygiene to reduce the risk of transmission.

As the economy begins to reopen, even with the major theme parks operating again, the mayor said that consumers should not patronize companies that do not take responsible measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

He said it will take all citizens and businesses to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to avoid further shutdown.

“We are not at that point where it is necessary to make a shelter in place and close things, we do not want to get there,” Demings said.

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