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Wendy Williams' New Man Insists He's Not About That Gold Digger Life …

Wendy Williams 'new man wants to make it clear to everybody that is NOT thinking of her as his sugar momma, and the love he has for her is real … or something.

Marc Tomblin , the man Wendy's been hanging around with the last few weeks, reportedly "is not the type of guy who'd let a woman take care of him financially," according to sources close to him. Uh-huh.

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TMZ spoke to those supposedly in the know about Tomblin, and his new relationship with the TV talk show queen, and those sources are adamant that “the only reason he's kicking it with Wendy is because they enjoy each other's company.”

Apparently, Tomblin “hasn't asked Williams for a dime” since they got together, and he's not intending to do so in the future ̵

1; though, no word on whether it would accept any financial gifts if they were given to him unrequested. Furthermore, Tomblin is apparently counting friends that the NYC shopping spree the pair recently went on was even – both he and Wendy bought their own things, rather than just relying on her bank account.

Not surprisingly, Marc has apparently been getting quite he has ulterior motives regarding Wendy, and he's been busy blocking them on social media and people like that out of his life. Guess this is part of the price to pay when you date a public figure – and then become something of a public figure yourself! As for Wendy, sources say she is still careful about NOT referring to Tomblin as her boyfriend – she's more interested in just making it clear that it's not serious, and she's having a lot of fun with him. Still, she's been keeping him around her NYC life for much longer than most people expected, so maybe there will be something here in the future ??

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Wendy's show won't return to air for another three weeks, so there's no question she's going to enjoy this little break, and if recent actions are any, Tomblin will be right there with her. You know, just a non-boyfriend and a non-girlfriend spending all their time as two single people, but, um, doing it together. Ha !!!

What do you think about this pudding new relationship, Perezcious readers ?! Do you think Tomblin is in the right reasons, or is he a gold digger with a plan ?? Wendy-related in the comments (below) !!!

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