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Wendy Williams Estranged man says she's not "Show Pony" She's just lazy

Wendy Williams Ex

I didn't make her a "Show Pony" …

She was too lazy to go out !!!

6/13/2019 1:00 PDT


Wendy Williams Foreclosed Man, Kevin Hunter Sr. says that her claim that she kept her nicely at home is a lie and adds. .., she was too lazy to give a damn ̵

1; but Wendy says she doesn't think anything her ex says.

Kevin backs on the beloved talk show host after she told us she "was just connected to be a show pony" during their marriage. Sources near Kevin say it's a ball-drive lie, and he claims her memory is just gone.

Kevin's way of seeing it … Wendy orchestrated her schedule and chose to do her talk show and go home. We are told that Kevin knows Wendy did not want to see red carpet events or put any effort outside the work of the camera for her show.

However, a source near Wendy doubles … Kevin calls "extremely controlling and insidious" during marriage and "nothing he says is the truth."

When it comes to business decisions … sources near Kevin says Wendy took a hands-off strategy and willingly left everything up to her husband – trust him for 22 years to handle his career.

When it comes to Wendy's young new arm juice … we are told that Kevin is not jealous and understands why she wants to go out and have some unpleasant fun.

However, he addresses issues with Wendy and says he "had a full-time child with a woman he was involved with for 15 years." We are told that he calls it a gross exaggeration because he did not meet his master until 2008.

We get the feeling that nitpicking only starts – and even though Wendy thinks they eventually will make peace – it feels like their divorce will be a long drawn-out business.

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