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Wenders's film shows "emotional giant" Pope Francis

CANNES, France (Reuters) – Visitors Hope Wim Wenders Documentary About Pope Francis Will Be A Critical Portrait Of The Head Of The Catholic Church Will Be Disappointed. The German director makes no excuses for this to be a loving work for a man he respects.

71th Cannes Film Festival – Photocall for the documentary "Pope Francis: A Man of His Words" was presented as part of a special screening ̵
1; Cannes, France May 13, 2018. Director Wim Wenders represents. REUTERS / Stephane Mahe

Wenders, who won Palme d 'Or for "Paris, Texas" in 1984, has made several successful documentaries, including the "Buena Vista Social Club" about the Cuban music scene and "Pina" at the dance choreographer Pina Bausch – Subjects that, like the pope, are things he loves.

"I did not want to make a critical movie about him, other people are doing very well, TV does it all the time," told Wenders for Reuters in Cannes where "Pope Francis – One Man of His Words" had his premiere.

"My documentaries are expressions of love and love of something I want to share with the world … Right now, I think there is no one who has more important things to tell us that the pope, so I wanted to share it.

"We live in a completely immoral era and our political leaders, powerful leaders, are emotional dwarves. So I wanted this emotional giant talk with us. "

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born in Argentina in 1936, became pope 2013 after the unexpected departure of Pope Benedict. He chose his pavala name after Francis of Assisi, a figure Wenders calls" a revolutionary "for his work with the poor and nature.

"Today, Saint Francis should be the world's first ecologist. Pope Francis took on a heavy prog by choosing that name, "Wenders said.

He filmed four two-hour interviews with Francis, where the pope spoke directly to the camera.

He said that a type of" teleprompter in reverse " made it possible for him to get the intimate appearance by pushing Wender's face on a transparent screen with a camera behind it "so by looking in his eyes he sees everyone's eyes."

"This man communicates so honestly direct and spontaneous way … even with the biggest players you find it very rarely, "Wenders said.

With no prerequisites from the Vatican, Wenders insists his movie is more than a commercial.

" It's not propaganda, "he said.

" It's not a commission. I was free to do what I wanted to do and that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to provide a platform for his work period. "

Cannes Film Festival runs until May 19th.

Writing by Robin Pomeroy; Editing Alison Williams

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