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Well-Studying = Success in Life? Scientists Have Checked Whether There Is a Parallel Between Study and Success

5 laws of success

Juggling homework, classes, your social life, studies in college, and still managing to stay sane at the end of the day is a challenge of its own. But, what if we told you it’s possible to balance out your career success and to study and still pass your tests with flying colors?

Measuring student success doesn’t come down to how many hours in a day you are willing to work, and it’s about figuring out how to plan those hours efficiently and still have time for yourself and other people. When the study time is over, you will have a lot more hours to spend on something you love to do. Scientists say the most effective way to achieve success as both a student and an employee is to have adequate time-management skills. It may seem impossible at first, but these tips will show you how to work and study and still have time for yourself.

1.    Make a Plan

Everything starts with a proper plan. Writing down all the examinations, records, and deadlines you have to focus on will give you a clearer picture of the events ahead. This is where acquiring organization skills can come in handy. Mark every meeting, milestone, course, or exam in your planner and make sure you constantly update it to know what you should do next.

2.    Keep Your Employer Up to Date With Your Schedule

There is no written rule that employers should be flexible with employees who are still in college, but some employers can make a study-friendly work schedule. But, to have this opportunity, you need to show them that you are serious about your position and would gladly work for them. So, be prepared to put in a lot of effort and attention in your job to have a better chance of getting a flexible schedule.

3.    Use All the Little Time You Have Productively

Most people have a long commute to work. Some spend only about 20 minutes to get there, but others travel for more than an hour to their office. However, not many use this time efficiently; they would listen to music, scroll through social media, or try to sleep along the way.

Unless you are working from home, this trip to work can be the ideal time to catch up with some writing assignments or revising some lectures. You can review some of the studying material on the road, watch online lectures, or listen to audio versions of the subject you want to study. This can definitely come in handy if you have no time to spare.

4.   Practice Your Multitasking Skills

Studying and multitasking is not a good idea. But if you do easy activities that don’t require you to engage your brain too much, like doing some yard work, chores, or simple workouts, you can use these moments to study.

Take your flashcards with you when you go to the bathroom or listen to the audio lectures you have. You can focus your brain on memorizing things while you are doing something productive, and best of all, small moments such as these do pay off in the long run.

5.    Choose What You Are Willing to Sacrifice

Working full time and studying is difficult, which is why you should be ready to make at least a couple of sacrifices. Do you have certain things you would like to do when you get home? Do you prefer to watch TV, play games, or spend a lot of time scrolling through social media? Activities such as these can be sacrificed.

Instead of spending an hour on social media, you can invest that hour in writing your college essays. If you are stuck on a difficult assignment and you have no time to complete it, you can pay a professional writing service to help you out. You can pay for an essay and ask someone to write it for you. If you hire someone to write an essay for you, you can save a lot of time and have enough free time to start paying attention to the rest of the assignments you have due at the end of the week.

6.    Avoid Any Distractions

The late-night movie marathon, the constant texting, and other distractions can affect your sleep. The more you check your phone, the less likely you are to get a good night’s sleep. The idea is to become disciplined, centered and dedicated, no matter how daunting these distractions might be. It’s not a good idea to sacrifice sleep to have some fun. It’s better to keep all the distractions away and stay focused and mindful. Don’t forget your goal and what you want to achieve in life.

7.    Don’t Forget to Look After Your Health

Work and studying will put a lot of pressure on you. Your health should be your number one priority. With poor health, you won’t be able to function as much or have any energy to spare. And in situations like these, energy is your most important fuel.

If you want to stay healthy, you need to figure out how to manage that pressure. Take some time for yourself, relax, or do any activity that can put your mind at ease, like going to the gym or for a walk. Every day, focus at least half an hour on yourself to deal with the stress.


Without a doubt, as a student who has to work and study at the same time, you are bound to face some challenges. But, with strategic planning and efficient use of your time, you will have enough time to get everything done, no matter how difficult it may seem. All you need is determination and willingness to succeed. If you think you can do that, you will achieve everything.