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Week 15 NFL odds, picks, how to watch stream: Packers beat Bears to keep the playoff hoping alive, Patriots Riva Steelers

We are halfway in December and every game is must-win from here until well, Super Bowl. In the AFC, five teams are in 1.5 games of the sixth-seed Ravens. In the NFC, the Vikings play part of this year's worst football, but they are left in the last wildcard slot. Whether it is held will be determined in part by what Panthers, Eagles, Redskins and Packers can do in the next few weeks.

Okay, let's get to all the games – and playoff implications – below.


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Los Angeles Chargers in Kansas City (-3.5)

Thursday 8:20 p.m. ET (Fox / NFL Network)

The bosses will undoubtedly come from his toughest win of the season, an overtime deal at home against one of the league's best defenses. And while the Ravens harassed Patrick Mahomes for the afternoon, he still found a way not only to help Kansas City to his 11th win, but doing it in daring fashion. Chargers, for their part, have not been slouches although their victories on Sunday over the unpleasant Bengals were less than impressive. That said, a victory in Kansas City would place both teams at 11-3 with two matches remaining in the regular season. One problem: In that case, chargers would have to snap a nine-player loss rate that goes back to October 2014.

Select: Chiefs 35, Chargers 31

The result: Chargers 29, Chiefs 28

Houston (-6) at New York Jets

Saturday 16:30 ET (NFL Network)

The Texans finally lost last week and snapped a nine-player losing band . To rule out any stranger of Chiefs or Pats, Houston will almost certainly be AFC's No. 3 seed, and we can not imagine that the four-speed jets will do anything to change it. Todd Bowle's days in New York seemed numbered; After a 10-6 debut in 2015, Bowles has had five-win seasons in the back. In related news, the jets have not been in the playoff since 2010, Mark Sanchez's second year in the NFL.

Pick: Texans 27, Jets 12

Results: Results: ] Texans 29, Jets 22

Cleveland in Denver (-3)

] Saturday 20:20 ET (NFL Network)

Oh Denver, you were so close. After impressive back-to-back-to-back wins over Ladders, Steelers and Bengals, Broncos put an egg on Sunday in San Francisco. It was their worst loss of the season – even worse than the jets cut in the week 5 – instead of sharing the same record as the sixth-seed Ravens and just leaving them out of tiebreakers, Denver is now 6-7 and 10th final play behind Colts, Dolphins and Titans. Meanwhile it is week 15 and the breads are still in the hunt. At 5-7-1 they are only a half-game behind Broncos. And if they win (they have Cincy and Baltimore in the last two weeks), and catch some breaks, 8-7-1 can only be good enough. Cleveland did the last season in 2002 when Butch Davis was a coach and Kelly Holcomb was a quarterback. Browns 17, Broncos 14

Results: Browns 17, Broncos 16

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Miami in Minnesota (-7)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET (CBS)

Can dolphins keep speed in Miami Miracle? This game is huge for both teams; The Dolphins are bound to No. 6 Ravens but only track the tiebreakers (along with Colts and Titans). Their schedule is not terrible – after the Vikings meet the Jaguars and the bills – but a loss would only end their hopes for January football. The wikings come from an embarrassing loss on "Monday Night Football". So embarrassing, the fact that Mike Zimmer fired the first year's offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. Minnesota's offensive is a mess, Kirk Cousins ​​has stumbled over the past month or so, and the ongoing game is non-existent. And yet, Minnesota seems to be the only team interested in NFC's sixth seed.

Select: Vikings 21, dolphins 18

Oakland in Cincinnati (-3)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET (CBS)

Raiders come from its most impressive season win, a repeat victory over Steelers. The Bengals lost to the ladder but the game was much closer than it should have been. Both teams have been officially out of the playoff conversation for weeks but did not play as well as Sunday. Derek Carr seems to be comfortable at Jon Grudens crime and Jeff Driskel has been a nice surprise in Andy Dalton's absence.

Select: Bengals 24, Raiders 20

Tennessee at New York Giants (- 2.5)

Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS)

The Giants have won four of their last five matches and they should be 5-0 over the team if they would not be imploding the eagles in week 12. New York hit the redskins on Sunday even without Odell Beckham Jr. and with each match match we are so much closer to the team who announces that Eli Manning will return to 2019. The Titans have been a strike team this season and they have won two in a row after dominating the Jaguar on Thursday. Tennessee has won four out of six and at 7-6 parts the same record as the sixth-seed Ravens but runs them (and Colt and Dolphins) in tiebreakers.

Pick: Titans 17, Giants 16

Washington, Jacksonville (-7)

Sunday, 1 p.m. This is a must-win game to keep your playoffs hoping alive. ET (CBS)

If you love high quality quarterback games, this game is not for you. Now that we think about it, we have no idea who this game is for. Two really awful teams but for different reasons. The foxes are decimated by injuries while the jaguars are victims of infighting (and do not have an NFL quarterback on the roster have not helped either). Masochism aside, there is no need to watch this game.

Select: Jaguars 6, Redskins 3

Dallas in Indianapolis (-3)

Sunday, 13:00 ET (Fox)

If only Colts had not lost for the Jaguar two weeks ago. We are pretty sure that the game will haunt Frank Reich coach for a long time. Before that, Indy had won five straight and Andrew Luck played some of his best football in two years. And last week, Colts struck the head of the Texans. If they had hit the hunters, Indy is currently the sixth seed. As it says, they track the Ravens on tiebreakers and now have no margin of error. The Cowboys are one of NFL's hottest teams and seem to beat someone. The Colts has to win on Sunday or their playoff hope is just dead.

Pick: Colts 24, Cowboys 23

Tampa Bay, Baltimore (-8)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET (Fox)

Lamar Jackson suffered an injury injury Sunday in Kansas City but is expected to play against Bucs. But unlike the previous four games, Joe Flacco will be active. And not just that, he'll see the field. "I think it makes sense if Joe is ready to go, he will be part of the playing field," said coach John Harbaugh. "He's too good for a player to not be. We'll only figure it out as we go this week to what extent it works. "Worth noting: Baltimore is 3-1 with Jackson, whose ability to run suddenly made this crime dangerous. With Flacco at the center was Ravens 4-5

Pick: Ravens 30, Buccaneers 20

Detroit in Buffalo (-2.5)

Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox)

The Lions are 5-8 and The bills are 4-9. It's fair to say that Detroit has undergone this season – they went 9-7 2016 and 2017 and Jim Caldwell was fired. Buffalo has exceeded expectations, especially as Nathan Peterman, Derek Anderson and Matt Barkley combined to start five matches while Josh Allen was injured. However, Allen is healthy and runs through defense every week. He rushed for 490 meters in nine games and an average of 7.4 meters per run. In his last three games he has ridden up to 99, 135 and 101. For a certain perspective, LeSean has McCoy 479 rushing yards in 12 matches.

Pick: Bills 13, Lions 12

Arizona in Atlanta (-8.5)

Sunday, 1 pm ET (Fox)

These two teams are among the biggest disappointments in the 2018 season. The cardinals were 8-8 last season without a quarterback. Now, in Steve Wilk's first year at work, Arizona is 3-10 and one of the league's worst teams. The Falcons are not much better. Yes, their defense has been hurt by key players, but it does not explain the five-matching tie given how explosive this crime can be. At this time, both teams play for draft position. The biggest question for us is whether the cards will stick to Wilks or look for an offensive-minded head coach to develop rookie quarterback Josh Rosen.

Select: Falcons 28, Cardinals 14

Green Bay in Chicago (-5.5)

Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox)

This is Green Bays Super Bowl . It sounds strange to say because they have owned Chicago. The packers are 15-2 since January 2011 and have won five straight, including the season opener. But these teams have gone in different directions, as Bears's defense flourished into NFL's best while Packers was so far away from the rails they fired Mike McCarthy after an unexplained loss of cardinals. But even at 5-7-1 everything is not lost. Green Bay can win out and have the chance to backdoor its way into the postseason – but there is no margin of error.

Select: Packers 24, Bears 20

Seattle (-5.5) in San Francisco

Sunday, 16:05 ET (Fox)

It's a kliché but it's also true: NO want to play Seahawks in playoffs. This team is dangerous in a different way from Rams or Chiefs; Seattle is dependent on a sustained defense and a running game that can eat bell and wipe out opponents. And while Russell Wilson fought on Monday night, he ranked sixth in value per game among all quarterbacks, according to Football Outsiders, just behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers, however, come from an impressive victory over Broncos and you get the feeling that this team, even with three wins, is fully committed to Kyle Shanahan's vision. They only need to get healthy, which will not happen until 2019.

Select: Seahawks 35, 49ers 17

New England (-1) in Pittsburgh

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET (CBS)

One month ago, Steelers was one of NFL's best teams, driving a six-winning stretch and No. 2 seed in AFC. Now, after three losses in the matchups that they should have won, Pittsburgh is reeling. To the point it may have already played out of the afterseason. You can not lose to Raiders and taken seriously. It just does not work like that. And with only a half-league over Ravens and games against Pats and Saints on the dock, Steelers will need to play flawless football to even have a chance to remain relevant. Based on the latest story, we are skeptical.

Pick: Patriots 40, Steelers 28

Philadelphia at Los Angeles Rams (-9)

Sunday, 8:20 pm. ET (NBC)

Ramsna was handled for the first time the entire season of Bears, who only scored six points. Since Sean McVay arrived in 2017, Rams had made a touchdown in every game. But not in Chicago, where large defenses dominated major crimes. A year ago, the eagles could have followed a similar game plan, but the 2018 version of this defense is far from the device that helped Philly to his first Super Bowl. If the eagles can win a victory they have the chance to sneak into the playoffs, but they face long odds.

Select: Rams 28, Eagles 21

New Orleans (-6) at Carolina

Monday, 8:15 ET (ESPN)

Back in week 9 was the pants 6-2. Then they were on the business end of a 52-21 beatdown by Steelers and they have not recovered. Now on a five-player losing streak, Carolina looks out on the outside. The good news is that they are only one place out of the final wildcard slot. The bad news is that they have not won a game since the first week of November and it was against Bucs. The other bad news: They have to play Saints again in week 17. New Orleans has already hit a playoff place but they have a lot to play for: Home prejudice throughout January, which would mean that the Ram would come back to New Orleans to get Super Bowl. The Saints beat Rams 45-35 in Week 9.

Select: Saints 28, Panthers 20

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