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We may be intended for PS5 Pro, Xbox Series X-2 2023, 2024

Despite no pricing or release dates for any console, we are fast approaching the arrival of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Probably both in November, probably both hovering around $ 500, and blocking the alternative version for digital editions only or the long-rumored Lockhart.

But unlike the last generation, this generation enters it with open eyes for what can probably become a new normal.

While previous generations gave us redesigned and usually “narrow”

; consoles as time went on, the last generation, after the PS4 and Xbox One arrival in 2013, we got mid-generation upgrades in the form of PS4 Pro 2016 and Xbox One X 2017.

Now it seems that this will probably be the new normal, and the $ 1,000 value for video games in 2020 can be supplemented with $ 1,000 + extra hardware 2023-2024, if schedules hold.

There are already some small tips that this is happening. Sony recently patented a GPU that talks about “lightweight” and “advanced” versions of hardware, which as people who think PS5 Pro is already on the brain, especially since Sony launches with less horsepower than the X series. Sony does it, they will do it have to answer, and the “Series” naming convention already means we can get a Series Y or Z as an upgraded model, even if I just called it “X-2” for now in my title as it’s a Marvel movie.

I see no reason why we should not expect new upgrade consoles in the middle of the gene this time. I think both Sony and Microsoft were completely happy with the adoption and capabilities of the Pro and One X, and would see no reason not to do it again a few years from now. Whether we have the exact schedule again, a PS5 Pro 2023 and a Series X-2 2024, remains to be seen, but we may have the dynamics where Sony tries to skip the X-Series with a power upgrade, then Microsoft bites back with another upgrade self. That was not how things went last time, as Sony went first even though the PS4 had the power over the original, but who knows.

Microsoft seems to be moving most out of the box for this launch with the launch of Lockhart, a lower spec console that is likely to be released with Series X this fall. This is in contrast to Sony simply dividing models between digital and disc-based, so that it can upset the apple cart in a whole new way. It’s now a day until August and Microsoft still has not said a single public word about Lockhart, despite an issue that should be three months away, but I would be surprised if we did it next month without seeing that debut. And that will raise a whole host of new questions.

This is obviously something we will not really have to deal with until a few years from now, but this time we know pretty much for sure that the consoles we buy now will almost certainly not be the best version of these consoles in the next 6- 7 years of upgrades in the middle of the gene as a thing now. So start saving now if you always want to be on top for this whole new generation.

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