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We just found someone trying to manipulate our atmosphere

While you were sleeping, drinking coffee, binging on Netflix or otherwise unaware of what was happening in the atmosphere, China and Russia experimented with it behind their backs.

No one knows why researchers from the two countries merged with performing these tests. There is speculation that the experiments, which involved heating the ionosphere (the layer in the upper atmosphere with high concentrations of ionized plasma) had something to do with the military, but the real cause is still unknown. Their results were recently published in Earth and Planetary Physics .

Is it really that simple to keep this type of operation secret when using a super-transmitter like Russia's Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility to pump the ionized plasma in the ionosphere full of radio energy to manipulate it? Perhaps it is when the real action goes 31

0 miles above your head.

After Russia had released enough energy to stimulate the ionosphere, the Chinese seismographic electromagnetic satellite (CSES) used Zhangheng-1's sensors to observe the whole thing from the track and record what happened exactly up there. At least most of the tests did not abstain in plasma disorders – except one.

The problematic test triggered a nail in electricity that was 10 times more charged with negatively charged ions than the sky surrounding it – impossible to cover 49,000 square kilometers.

It was another test that, although it does not sound like sci-fi horror like the previous one, still shot the temperature of ionized gas up by 212 degrees Fahrenheit in one area.

What can experiment like this tell us? If you've ever seen an Aurora, you've seen a phenomenon happening because charged particles in the ionosphere get too close to the Earth's magnetic field. More importantly, the ionosphere bounces radio waves from the surface, and free electrons in this layer of the atmosphere affect many types of communications that are prone to being cut off by space weather such as solar storms.

This is where the military speculation comes in. It is very possible that Russia and China tried to manipulate the ionosphere to figure out how to prevent communication from being cut off. Communications can also be blocked by structures that spread radio waves or an increase in plasma, whether natural or artificial.

Ionospheric research is performed here in the United States. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has been plagued by so many conspiracy theories that there was an open house in 2016 to clear false rumors of everything from weather manipulation to mind control.

If all this is still true, scientists have managed to create an aurora in the ionosphere, which is so much colder than fireworks.

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