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We are all over the Amazon Echo Spot double deal: Here's why

It's Alexa's coolest device, but Amazon's Echo Spot does not have to break the bank with the permission of a retailer that operates on spherical smart speakers. Launched in December, the touchscreen fronted gadget is more than just an alarm clock: it's a full-blown Alexa smart home device. Usually it is $ 130, but Amazon offers a way to save $ 40 on your order.

Purchase two Amazon Echo Spot devices, and you get $ 40 of the total price. You can have two black, or two white, or mix the units and have one of each. If you are a Prime subscriber, you will receive free shipping of course.

Why do you want a couple? The most obvious application is video calling. There are many ways to make a video call today, but Amazon makes it very easy.

As long as you have given their Alexa app access to your contacts, you can make Echo Spot start a video call just by asking the right person. If they only have a voice echo, you will have a voice call instead. Even those without an echo at all can engage, using the Alexa app.

Still, it's nothing like seeing your contact appear on Echo Dot's circular screen. Amazon Drop In takes one step further. Assuming your contact trusts you, you can get Alexa to start a video call automatically – without waiting for them to actively accept incoming calls.

There's obviously not something you'd probably like to do if Echo Spot is in your bedroom, but it makes improvised chats between households much more streamlined. Of course, in order for it to work, both parties will need an Echo Spot, and this is where this double deal comes in. Amazon will also make getting one of the devices to a friend easy.

In fact, even though you may not have used it before, Amazon may send products from the same order to multiple addresses. So even if you buy two Echo Spots and make use of the $ 40 savings, you can still have one sent to yourself and the other to another. There may be a parent elsewhere in the country, or your best friend or your child at college.

Amazon says the campaign will only be valid for a limited time, but it is not surprising that it does not quite tell how long that time will be. Meanwhile, if you see an echo in your future but not necessarily an echo spot, there are other twin package deals in progress. Buy two Echo Dot, for example, and you can save $ 20 on your order.

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