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Watters: The Biden campaign is "the story that repeats" after previous VP's previous flameouts

Former Vice President Joe Biden 2020 Democratic presidential bid may face the same end as his last two attempts to win the White House, according to Fox News & # 39; Jesse Watters.

The bid's latest gaffes, and a new report like the previous Delaware US senator may scale back his campaign appearances as a result, are worrying, Watters claimed on Thursday at "Hannity."

"He has to call the MyPillow guy and drop off some of those gaffes," Watters said, referring to entrepreneur and outspoken Trump supporter Michael Lindell.

"I don't think he'll do it, I literally won't," Watters added of Biden. "He mixes cities together, he forgets when he was vice president." (Biden previously mistakenly caused the locations of two recent mass firearms, and falsely stated that another had occurred while he was vice president when it actually occurred about a year after he left the job.)

"He must call the MyPillow guy and napping some of these gaffes … … He mixes cities, he forgets when he was vice president. "


1; Jesse Watters

GAFFE-PRONE BIDEN SHOULD NOT CLOSE, OBAMA AIDE SAYS [19659003] "He flamed out the last two primaries. The story repeats itself," Watters said. He added that Biden appeared to be "beaten" by fellow 2020 challenger Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., At a June debate, as well as previous allegations of inappropriate touching.

Watters also pointed to parts of Bidens Campaign platform he found problematic.

"Think about what he said about China, about providing health care to illegal foreigners, raising middle-class taxes and eliminating oil and natural gas," he said. "The rocking and apology – it's crazy."


Earlier, Biden made two previous attempts to run for president. [19659003] In 1988, he ran unsuccessfully in a primary that finally won by the then Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. In 2008 he ran again, but the nomination of the Democratic Party eventually went to late. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Who chose Biden as his running mate.

Earlier Thursday, former Obama adviser David Axelrod claimed the report of a scaled back campaign schedule was a troublesome development for the executive vice president. [19659003] "This is bad advice. You can't split the candidate and win," Axelrod tweeted.

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