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Watch the PS5's faster loading times in new video

Sony has once again provided some new details on its next generation console. As part of Sony's corporate strategy meeting today, the company discussed at a high level what it hopes to achieve in the future within its various business units, including PlayStation.

The two key words for PlayStation forward are "in-depth" and "seamless," says Sony. In terms of hardware, Sony said its next generation console, PlayStation 5, will offer an "immersive experience created by dramatically increased graphical purification rates". 19659002] This will be possible by "hiring additional enhanced computational power and a custom Ultra Fast SSD. "

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Overall, PlayStation 5 – or whatever Sony stops calling its new console – will offer" beyond "what is possible on PS4 and PS4 Pros. One of the features of PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny told PS5 is how its use of solid state devices will reduce charging times.

Cerny pointed out that the Spider-Man's fast travel screen on PS4 took about 15 seconds on a PS4 Pro, but less than a second on a dev kit for PS5 Considering that the new hardware will be backward compatible with older games, this means that your load times will likely be reduced across the board as you upgrade.Check out the video clip below from The Wall Street Journal report Takashi Mochizuki present at the Sony event today to see the faster load times in action.

Cerny also talked about how the PS5 enables faster rendering This means that more environmental objects and textures will fill at a faster rate. In the presentation today, Sony said that the PS5 will offer "many new features" beyond these advances in loading and rendering, but no one was mentioned.

Even during the presentation, Sony said it expects the PS4 to reach 100 million units sales by the end of the calendar year 2019. PS4 sales currently account for 96.8 million systems sold. PlayStation Network has 94 million monthly active users, the company said.

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In addition, Sony Management talked about how streaming will play a major role in the PlayStation brand going forward. The PS5 will support the Remote Play functionality, Sony confirmed, while the management said it is about to launch the new Microsoft gaming gaming business deal in the company's future success in that area. Of course, Sony already has the PlayStation Now streaming service, but the company seems to have bigger and deeper plans in the future.

Sony does not participate in E3 2019 next month, so the company will probably not announce PlayStation 5 there. PlayStation 5 will have an "appealing" point in terms of its specifications, according to Cerny, but there is no ballpark calculation than price can be.

As for the release date for PlayStation 5, Sony has said it will not release in the next fiscal year, which means it will not start in April 2020 at the latest.

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