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Watch Brie Larson get very excited about the Nintendo Switch and “Animal Crossing”

Brie Larson is a YouTuber now, it seems. Actress in Captain Marvel fame debuted the other day to mixed reception, and published a long introductory video where she talks to other Youtubers about Youtube and its mainly snakes and tails all the way if they are absolutely charming. However, I did see a viral moment go around Twitter, but man if it wasn̵

7;t relatable: run out of room to show someone else your Switch, which I definitely did, although I didn’t move so fast:

You can see the longer version around 10:00 in the video below:

It’s a sweet little moment, if it’s a little contradictory. It’s the same as celebrity: I have no doubt about Larson’s genuine enthusiasm for neither the Nintendo Switch nor the animal Crossingand yet everything with these kinds of production values ​​will always be a little shiny. You must also note that although Larson’s enthusiasm is completely genuine, it can be said, encouraged. The actress posted a sponsored post on her instagram when the game was first launched, so we know that she was once paid to like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

But just because something is a polished celebrity moment doesn’t mean it can’t have its charm, which is basically what so much of the big name Youtube consists of. It’s the kind of magic from Nintendo, written big, but special Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is permissible that all types of people are publicly excited about video games in a way that you just never really see and reach as far as Danny Trejo and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez besides playing stalwarts like Chrissy Teigen. Which is always a fun thing: video games have been mainstream for more than a decade now, but I feel like Switch and animal Crossing has become new punctuation marks in that story, and it’s fun to see it expressed that way.

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