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Warriors takeaways: What we learned from 146-109 wins over bulls

OAKLAND – Not a bad way to start the second half of the regular season. Not at all bad.

Warriors crossed to their second consecutive blowout victory Friday night at the Oracle Arena, and this time it came at the expense of the Chicago Bulls.

Golden State (28-14) quickly did the work of Bulls on his way to a 146-109 home win, with Klay Thompson creating an early advantage that Chicago (10-32) never recovered.

Here are three takeaways from a game that was over almost as soon as it started:


The poor Bulls. What did they ever do for Klay Thompson?

In Warrior's only second meeting with Bulls this season back on October 29, Thompson ran an NBA record 1

4 3-pointers in a passing victory.

On Friday night, he picked himself up just where he left off.

Thompson fired from the opening tip, not knocking one, not two, but three trepoints (in three trials) within the opening 70 seconds. The individual surplus got the audience on their feet and the warriors rolled.

For comparison, Chicago did not score its 10th point until it was 3:24 in the first quarter.

Thompson would add three more 3 points in the second quarter and finish the match with a 30-point high of 10-by-18 shooting from the field, including 7-by-11 from beyond the arc.

In six quarters against Bulls this season – he put out the entire fourth quarter of both games – Thompson accounted for 82 points in 28-in-47 photography (59.6 percent) from the field and 21-by-35 (60 , 0 percent) from 3-point range.


After Tuesday's victory over Knicks, Thompson had to ask Curry when their last blowout victory was.

He didn't have to ask again on Friday.

The warriors did not just lead from beginning to end. They took a double-digit lead on Kevin Durant's 3-pointer by 9:41 in the first quarter and kept it for the rest of the competition.

After points, 44 points in the first quarter of their blowout won over the Bulls On October 29, Golden State had a 43-17 advantage at the end of the first frame on Friday. It was their eighth 40-point quarter of the season.

Last time Warriors held a 26-point lead at the end of the first quarter? You have to go all the way back to November 2, 1991, when they led 48-18 against Sacramento.

There are eight players on the Golden State current roster who were not born then.

The Warriors & # 39; Seasonal point difference is well behind what it has been at this stage in each of the last four seasons, but with performances like Friday they put themselves on the ground quickly.

More importantly, more blowout wins mean more rest for Thompson, Curry, Durant and Draymond Green. The warriors are halfway to the after-season, and the fresher they can keep the four core players the better they get when the playoffs come.


The warriors are big and all but you, you I would be hard pressed to find a more surpassed list than that in Chicago on Friday night. Not at all in the game, the bulls threatened to take the lead, and they have now allowed the warriors to make 295 combined points against them in just two matchups this season.

It is the type of defense that will drive your replacement trainer to get you running lines before, during and after training.

The bullies have had the above-mentioned coaching change and are now sitting at 10-32, losers of sex-straight. Good this should be a stacked draft class.

For all the turbulences that the war arena has experienced so far this season, it can clearly be so much worse. Just another reminder to appreciate the dynasty in front of you.

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